Monday, August 31, 2009


I was asked if I've clubbed lately and to post up more clubbing photos.

Here I'd like to explain - I'm not a clubber and this is not a party animal blog! I enjoy going to club once in awhile to unwind but that doesn't mean that I club every week ler -_-

Like what I told Shu Yi, I'm a typical girl-next-door hahahaha... I don't club often and I only stay at home to cook for my family! LOL!!! And she proceeded to say that I don't seem like that type of person T_T Come on, no matter how you look at me, I do look like a girl-next-door, no? *in persuasive tone*

I just bought 2 dresses for clubbing ^^ Can't wait for it to arrive~!
I wanna club in Australia instead!!! T________T Someone please send me back to Aus.

Here are some random photos taken lately since I don't know what else to write.

Best fruit rojak ever!

Quite disappointed that this uncle now includes beansprouts into his fruit rojak :( His stall is located in 1 of those lorong at Atria shopping mall, in front of the open air food court. He has been selling this rojak there for years!!!! That means I've been eating his rojak for years omg I'm so old!

Ready to go out with uni friends. Me using my new Charles&Keith handbag bought by uni friends as my bday present :D

Was suppose to go out with this black tights but felt that it's a bit too "over" because I don't see any Malaysians wearing them -_-

Li Lee and Meng Fai came to pick me up to catch a movie in Cineleisure! I was there the day before with Yung Hui and friends to watch Up and I'm back again to watch Laughing Gor: Turning Point.

Overall, the movie was not bad. Though too many people died but getting to see so many familiar faces inside (TVB actors!) is pretty entertaining. Come to think of it, I watched 3 movies within 4 days!!! This is what people do when they are too free eh?

Me with Li Lee. It's really difficult to find a friend who appreciates you as much as you do :)

With Meng Fai. He's a super nice guy that you don't want to lose as a friend :)

-_- Hello! Give face a bit can or not? Jaga perasaan saya sikit boleh? *emo*

I just realised that almost everyone around me are dating now! Wtf I don't want to date now but what's with this unnecessary pressure I'm feeling =.='''

Met up with Jordan and Sylvia. Yamcha at Penang Cafe (I think) and I just realised on that day that Malaysia now has a new drink called Teh 3 Lapis (some calls it Teh C Peng special). I felt so jakun because I've never heard of it before so I ordered that to try and I fell in love with it!!!

Went to Ying Ker Lou, a Hakka restaurant for dinner!

Hahahaha the name Ying Ker Lou never fails to make me laugh.

Jordan and I. Sylvia left to pick up her sister off from work.

Hakka food! Super delicious Hakka food *drool*

Changed hairstyle the other day. Permed it myself ^^

As suggested by all my lovely friends, I kept my fringe short :)

After cooking 3 dishes and a soup for family dinner a couple of days ago, I baked a cheesecake too!!! Since I didn't bake for a long time and brothers were craving for cheesecake, I offered to bake instead of buying.

Oreo Cheesecake ^^ It's the chilled type because my dad kept away my oven and he refused to take it out for me T_T

It may look ugly in pic because I suck in cutting cake but it tastes awesome okay!

First time trying out the recipe but glad that it's good :) It's never easy to cook or bake for my family because they are very, very hard to please. If they said it's good, I guess it is :p

When I have the time, I'll write the recipe out to share :D

Went to Ramadhan food bazaar at Kelana Jaya (behind the old Giant) yesterday to hunt for food! Usually I go to the bazaar at Seksyen 14 but since someone recommended this place this year, I thought why not give this place a try? I love Malay food so I forced my dad to bring me there. I missed it last year because I was in Australia so I don't want miss it again this year!

My mum always says, "The Malays are excited to buka puasa and also because Hari Raya is approaching, you're equally excited - but for the food."

I'm a Malaysian what!

Uncle, aiseh, jangan lah pandang kamera -_-

The place is packed with people! And sooooooo many stalls selling mouth-watering Malay food. Too bad there aren't many stalls that sell Malay kuih so I'm a little disappointed :(

Many people were seen queuing for this kebab so I queued as well -_-

Tadaa~! Malay food worth RM30+ to feed a family of 5 :)

Before I go...

Selamat Hari Merdeka to all Malaysians out there!

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