Thursday, August 27, 2009

Maison Night

Alright. Here is the continuation of part 2 from the previous entry.

Before Teng sent me to Cheok's house, she went to pick her mummy, sister and aunt up in Bandar Utama. Therefore, it was a little rush for me in the end because the dinner ended later than expected, went home to pack my stuff, went to pick up Teng's family before arriving at Cheok's house.

The moment I arrived and changed, Lee Ting arrived =.='''

I didn't even get to make up wtf. I only managed to put on lipstick and gloss.

Went to pick up George, Joshua and Shen Ling (6ppl in the car!) before heading to KL.

Club of the night - Maison.

(All photos have been adjusted the quality and all red eyes have been fixed! ;) Unedited ones can be found at my Facebook with most of them having red eyes wtf)

Told you that I don't do the kawaii peace sign. Mine is always the cool version instead :p

3 of us stick to each other most of the time just to keep watch of each other. Or rather, more like I'm keeping an eye on them just in case they got wild hahahaha

6 of us from the same car! ^^

Cheok's friends came as well. There are more but they are not in the pic.

Actually, upon arrival, we realised that the club was so.freaking.empty! We were told that it was because of the Ramandhan and Maison usually has more Malays than others, that's why. It was totally not fun because what we girls could do was sitting there chatting with each other, drink and get to know Lee Ting's friends.

We can't even go and dance/get to know other random guys :(

Since Cheok and Shen Ling are both frequent clubbers, they sent out mass smses to ask their friends to come but ended up only Cheok's friends came because Shen Ling's friends said that Maison sucks.

Indeed -_-

Joshua, Cheok, Shen Ling, George, Jaclyn.

Wahhhh Shen Ling you looked damn sexyyyy okay~~! :p

Ugliest photo shot at the ugliest angle ever. Candid never works for me T_T


Lesbian to the maximum omg. LOL!

We didn't dance like that with each other by the way. We purposely posed that way for photo only ^^

I took this photo above and the moment I saw the result, I thought, "Hey... all of them seemed to have so much fun! Nice~!"

And was it Shen Ling at the back there???

Us :D

Us with our mamasan Lee Ting :p The one in the middle of course!

Come to think of it, I don't remember who that girl is on the right.

Wtf Joshua touched Cheok!!! Wtf wtf wtf you got caught red-handed dude!!!!!!

He's Joshua from Philippines. Just got to know him on that day - in the car.

We were pretty close because he's the only one can speak good English :D So yea, 2 English speaking dudes clicked well is expected.



And he is George, also got to know him in the car too. George is from China.

I didn't talk much to him due to the language barrier. I can't speak Mandarin got God's sake and he can't speak much English but it's very nice of him to TRY his best to communicate with me :)

Going to club with Cheok feels like bringing an underage girl to club hahahaha

My dress is too low cut so I kept exposing myself wtf.

Everyone had soooooooo much fun!

Despite the small crowd that night, the music sucked real bad. Not only the DJs repeated the songs (I've never been to a club where they repeat the songs -_-), they played Poker Face 5 freaking times that night wtf!!!!

I know that's probably the only song that gets the crowd moving but come on, 5 times??? Too much!

Thank goodness for the wonderful friends there. Otherwise.... damn sad.

Joshua is a sibeh good dancer! And he only dances when he gets high hahaha

The guys drink liquor like water =______=''''

Didn't manage to take a group photo because we have too many people and most of them were not sober already wtf.

I did not want to get drunk that night because I'll be having a long day on Sunday. Despite drinking a few shots, I'm still sober so I'm proud to say once more that I'm still maintaining my 'never-get-drunk-before' record!!!! LOL~!

Talk about being taken advantage of. Sigh.

Because the dance floor was empty most of the time, we girls didn't want to go up and dance unless there're some people up there. After a moment, there's a little crowd on the stage so we proceeded up to dance and it was then this dude in white grabbed each of us (Cheok, Shen Ling and I) and touched us all over.

Fucking gross okay!!! He's damn ugly some more wtf.
He even licked Cheok's face omfg.

He's lucky that he didn't do that to me otherwise I'd have laid a slap on his fugly face hahahaha. Cannot tahan guys who are shorter than me.

Regarding another drama that I got teasing was... this Lee Ting's friend got so interested in me and kept pulling me to dance with him. When he first approached, I guess he was still sober based on the way he behaved. But it got worse when he got more drunk as he got even more persistent and intimate with me.

I tried my best to reject dancing with him but I obliged a few times because he's stronger and managed to pull me to go with him wtf. And we danced intimately wtf. After dancing a few times with him, he wanted even more double wtf.

I think his friends and my girls enjoyed seeing the scene of me trying my best to reject him while he kept hugging me and refused to let go T____T Cheok and Shen Ling didn't even help me out *sob*

All they did was standing there laughing T_T Even his friends also laughed. Nice show to watch hor??? *sobbbbbbbbb*

Left the place around 3+ in the morning. Sent the 2 drunkards (Joshua & George) home before the 4 of us girls went to join the guys at ss2 mamak for tea. And they continued to laugh at me because they said his friend is "so crazy over me" =.=''' Each time they mentioned that guy's name, all of them will look at me and laugh T_____T

I swear I'll feel super awkward when I see him on the street 1 day.

Frankly speaking, I don't think I'll ever go back to Maison anymore. Worst club I've ever been to! I wanted to go to Zouk!!! Someoone please bring me there!!!! :p

Went back to Cheok's house to bath and chit chat for the night. She took 2 hours nap while I didn't sleep at all (I always can't sleep after consuming alcohol) because we have to get up at 8.45am and Pui Yi will be picking us up at 9.30am for....

our movie premiere of Imagine That at 10.30am! :D

Cheok got 3 free tickets from her colleagues so lucky me was invited by her to watch *touched*

I LOVE going for premieres because it's so cool to watch a movie before anyone else could :p

Thanks a lot Cheok darling!!!!! And thank you Pui Yi dear for chauffeuring us here and there. Paiseh lah paiseh.

Pui Yi is a bad photographer so this is the only decent one. I don't seem like not sleeping at all on the night before right? No make up some more. That's why cannot have close shot of me wtf.

Excited sial.

All in all, the movie was alright. A very light-hearted comedy :) Since Cheok and I were tired, so we weren't in the best state to judge - I kept yawning throughout the movie. Not because it's bad or boring. Just that I was tired.

Walked around One Utama for a bit before going home and I went out for awhile, came back, rested for a bit (didn't get to sleep T_T) and then Jeremy came to pick me for his birthday dinner!

As for Jeremy's lavish birthday dinner, I shall continue in my next entry ^^

Stay tuned...

p/s - Thank you Lee Ting for everything ;)

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