Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The King of Fruits Night

Another reason why I've put on weight since I came back T_T

Sigh. Another sinful indulgence.

That proves that we are a Malaysian at heart because all of us love this king of fruits a lot so we planned to eat it together in ss2 yesterday night :D The reason why this place was picked was because they have this "All You Can Eat" durian buffet! But we ended up not going for that because only durian kampung will be given wtf.

When I arrived (I was the last to arrive :p), MFai and his friend (they didn't even introduce him to me -_-) were already picking the durians.

We started off with 2 durians first - XO and durian susu. Hahahaha susu omg...

Ken and MFai's friend. See lah! Didn't even want to tell me his name, I ended up have to use "MFai's friend" for this whole entry :(

MFai and Jordan debating which is durian XO and which is susu. Hahahaha susu....

My darling came as well :D You know, the best thing about being a graduate is that she's finally given the full freedom!!!

Back then, I don't get to go yamcha with her because of her strict curfew. But now that she's a graduate, she gets to go out till late at night ^^ So damn happy can???

Meng Fai and Jordan.

Jordan wore UQ shirt to eat durian some more.

Ken... I pay you $50 to eat that!!!

Soon, we realised that 2 durians were obviously NOT enough, so we ordered another 2 more. This time, we chose 2 Hong Ha (red prawn?)/Long Ha (lobster?) I have no idea.

Superrrrrr sweet and nice! Look at the soft and juicy flesh.


Jordan pretending to use all his strength to open the small durian.

The place was packed with people as usual.

Commercial break from all the durian photos.

Seing the way Ken eats, you can guess how satisfied we were. LOL!

A coconut each to cool off :)

But the damn coconut obviously didn't work because I have a few pimples popped out today T___T

Bestie and I. My first friend in HELP! And we shared so much chemistry together.

For instance, we are both Hainanese! Just that I can speak the language but she can't.

Soon after the durian session from 9.30-11pm, we adjourned to Jaya One (will soon be my fav yamcha/makan place) for yamcha.

A drink at Oldtown White Coffee. Love the place! Very quiet, new and spacious.

Guess who!


All full from eating.

Long ma I know you'll be reading this....

...hang out or shopping soon okay? :D

Li Lee just cut her hair yesterday! Nice right? Well, I'm glad that my hair is so long now compared to early this year but I'm not going to cut it yet. Plan to let it grow longer a bit before changing to a new hairstyle :)

MFai: I love you more than Li Lee.
MFai's friend: Nooooo! No PDA please....

Jordan: I love you toooooo!
MFai: Oh! So you choose him or me???
MFai's friend: NOooooo!! Don't force me to choose!!!!

Kept rubbing his tummy like apek because he was very, very full.

We sat there for an hour discussing about our upcoming trip together so hopefully everything will be planned out soon! I've never been to a trip with Li Lee before lor!!! While chatting, we were actually waiting for the clock to strike 12.

We bought a slice of cake from Starbucks. No other choices because it was already 11 plus and only Starbucks which sells cakes that's still open.

Black Forest.

Happy 25th Birthday to our old boy here :p

Happy birthday!!! Don't worry about the figure (age) because a year older, hopefully a year wiser ^^

All the best to you in your future undertakings and blessed with happiness ;)

Faster get married can? So long didn't attend wedding already hahahaha

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