Sunday, August 30, 2009

Remember the newspaper report regarding the Singaporean girl who hits her bf's groin repeatedly with her heel? Just watched the video and it's so funny! She even slapped his face with her heel and twisted his balls omg. Sibeh fierce.

Lesson learnt: Don't mess with women.

I think I'll stop waiting and move on with life. I've wasted too much time and I don't want to waste it anymore.

What's the point of clinging on to something that is so uncertain and does not guarantee you a definite return, right?

Sigh. Thing hasn't been going smoothly lately :(
Not that I'm unhappy nor extremely happy as well. Life is so mundane at the moment, I almost forgot the feeling of laughing my hearts out at something really funny or feeling really happy till I can fly to the moon.

I need to inject something interesting into my life. Otherwise, sooner or later, I'll become an emotionless being wtf. I want to meet new people!!! And clubbing is the way hahahaha