Saturday, August 01, 2009

Happy 21st Birthday to you Siok Yim!!!!

May you be blessed with great health and happiness in many many many yearssss to come! And be as cute as Shu Yi (since she's the cutest already, you can't find anyone cuter than her *cough*) and stay pretty as always~! ^^

I miss you all so much!!!!!!

I wanted to write about my convo day today but Photobucket has been a bitch and I can't upload any photo after trying again and again for the whole-freaking-day.

Or rather, should I blame it on Streamyx? :(

Have been a good girl today. I didn't go out today since I came back on Monday :p Family and relatives have been extremely surprised that I was at home but the reason is because I'll be out for the whole day till night tomorrow :D Can't wait to go out with my girls ^^

Life has been well by far, if you may ask :) So worry not.

And this is my face just in case you all in Aus are missing me hahahaha

I'm definitely enjoying the nightlife in Malaysia and once again, I'm back to the old me. But nightlife is bad. Really bad. Evidently from my terrible eye bags and dark circles T_T

And I always felt that I look better in Malaysia than in Australia I don't know why. The photo above was taken without any make up at all. Can you believe it? My cosmetic box is still sitting nicely in my hand carry (because I still haven't unpack wtf) and I didn't make up ever since I came back - despite going out everyday to meet my friends.

Skin is getting better (miraculously!) and everyday seems like a good hair day =.='''


I am missing Australia already!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm missing the people, friends, weather, shopping, my room, UQ and etc in Australia!!! I wanna go back... T______T

Sorry if I have to say this but I do prefer Aus over Mas, although my body is more accustomed to the weather in this Nasi Lemakland (eg. good skin and hair).

I guess in order to cheer myself up, I have to keep telling myself that I have a car to drive here, get to eat out whatever time I like, get to shop in my fav 1u and Pyramid and most importantly, get to see my daughter :)

But my daughter is sick now wtf.

Alright. Off to watch footie and read newspaper!
Good night peeps~

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