Monday, August 24, 2009

Happy 21st Birthday to Jeremy!
Welcome to adulthood~

Haven't had such a long day in the longest time.

Here's the summarized version before I blog all the event properly when I have the time :)

1) Yesterday afternoon went to Pyramid for shopping with Teng to buy Kher Li and Jeremy's bday presents (spent over hundred ringgit T_T).
2) After that, adjourned to Aman Suria for Kher Li's bday dinner.
3) Got last minute invitation for clubbing and since it's free and got green light from dad, I went ahead with my girls, got to know some new friends and yamcha at ss2 thereafter.
4) Had "pillowtalk" with darling Cheok and didn't sleep for the whole night because have to....
5) Wake up early for free movie premiere of Imagine That (by Eddie Murphy), courtesy of Cheok's colleague :D
6) Went to do something in the afternoon and rested for a bit before....
7) Going for Jeremy's bday dinner in MV. Yamcha after that.
8) Now I'm super awake, chatting and going to read newspaper after writing this short entry. Wanted to watch Astro but mum is watching her show :(

Talking about clubbing, kanasai got "chau sui" (taken advantage of) by the people there to the maximum. Kept getting teases from friends from the drama that happened =.='' Not sure if I want to talk about it so hopefully I have the mood to tell the stories that happened once upon a time wtf. Lousy club, horrible music, but thank goodness for the wonderful friends~!

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