Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Another Year Older :)

First and foremost...

Thank you so much for the birthday wishes coming from all over the places - smses, phone calls, Facebook, MSN and face-to-face - when the clock striked 12^^

I am, officially, 22 years old now :D Sibeh happy beyond words wtf.

I'm truly blessed to have so many friends who still cared for me and what more can I ask for? :)

I can say that this year might be a quiet birthday celebration with nobody but my closed ones ONLY, but it's memorable nonetheless :D I just came to realise that I actually enjoy celebration like this! You know, sitting there for hours, fooling around and chatting happily, not knowing that time flies.

I enjoy having great and wonderful meals with a handful of close friends. But I prefer a bigger group of friends when it comes to yamcha. LOL.


Memorable is because at 12am sharp, I have a silly boy waiting in front of my house with a birthday cake baked by himself waiting for me :) Tiramisu yum~

I felt so touched by his little gesture. Because it comes from him - a guy who is unromantic and is way too realistic because of his maturity. He can't believe that he can actually do such crazy thing as well hahaha

Doesn't it feels great to have a successful person to change (I've never asked him to change for your info) in order to win your heart? But the guilt lies within me.

Thank you so much for everything. But my answer stands firm.

Thanks you so much to all my darlings for the company, well-wishes and the presentssss of course :) Love you all heaps and proper update soon~!

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