Tuesday, July 07, 2009


I chatted with many people from Malaysia lately and I realised that how these people, despite the lack of contact, can actually touched me so much with their words.

For instance, I have CH who's waiting for me to go back to Malaysia because he missed hanging out with me and constantly updating me with his life and making sure that I'm fine here in Australia. I have K who asked me almost every week when I'll be coming back so that he can bring me out for a good dinner. He also remembered when my birthday is.

Lastly is the most shocking one, Angeline, a friend whom I didn't talk to for years, just messaged me in MSN saying that she'll be getting engaged next year and I'm invited for her wedding in 2 years' time! I'm actually in her wedding list wtf!!!!! I didn't expect that she still remembers me and what's more - invited me to her wedding T______T

Come to think of it, a friend of my age is getting married soon. What am I doing now? =.='''

No wonder my friends are getting worried about my current status and are constantly recommending people to me wtf. Yesterday night before I went to bed, Ken suggested to intro his friend to me when I come back haha....

His friend saw me once and thought that I was quite pretty hahahahaha... Little did he knows that it was all the wonders of make up!!!! My housemates and my son are also recommending guys to me too T_____T

I know I'm old. But then the word 'dating' didn't quite hit me because I was busy all the time. That's why I'm taking my own sweet time; not until my friends have plans to settle down and get married wtf.


Okay who else is getting married? Faster let me know! I'll start saving money for ang pau now!!!!

Ken, you are next is it? :p

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