Friday, July 24, 2009

Omg life has been super hectic in these couple of days until I don't have time to breath!

I miss those days where I get to update my blog almost on daily basis but since my mum and brother are here, my schedule is fully booked and when I'm home, I'm dead tired and eventually don't feel like blogging because I have to use my brain wtf.

You know what? I'm deprived of sleeps lately and when I wanted to sleep early yesterday, I don't get to. I bloody slept at 3am and have to wake up at 7am wtf bbq!!!!!!!!! I really don't want to rant here about what happened but yes, I'm not really happy but since I'll be leaving soon, I guess it's better for me to zip my mouth and leave peacefully. Those who are close to me knew what happened and those who don't know, too bad. I just want to sleep early wtf. Maybe I'll write about it when I have the time.

Same goes for today. But if I still don't update, I think I'll get screwed by people because it's almost a week ago since I last updated! I'm tired right now nevertheless. So a short one and I can assure that once I'm back to the place where I belong (aka Malaysia), I'll update MORE often and I have SO many things to write about until I don't know where to start!

Ohya, 2 days before my bro and mum came, I changed my hairstyle for fun.

But I like to tell people that I changed it because I was too stressed hahaha
I really really miss my long straight hair that I used to have all my life before I permed my hair so I decided to straighten it myself :)


Didn't quite realise that it's so long when it's straight! I-like-it-so-much!!!

Of course to be honest, I felt younger (has always been) and less conscious of how my hair will look like when the wind blows as compared to permed hair.

I'm considering whether to re-perm my hair or I shall just straighten it back to change to a whole new look when I'm back to Malaysia. I'm seriously considering the latter but by far, everyone said that I looked better in curls! But again, whether people really think so or merely because they are not used to seeing me in straight hair is questionable.

I have so many things to blog about! My road trip to GC and Byron with friends, outings and of course....

my convocation :D

I can't believe I'm graduating and it feels so surreal! Why time passes so quickly? I am a person who enjoys going to uni everyday and now I have to accept that fact that I can no longer be doing that T_T

A lot of people that I'll be missing dearly and of course, the place where I enjoy to be at and love to stay in - Australia.

By the way, I'll be changing my look again when I'm back. This time I'll be doing it step-by-step because it requires quite a large sum of money (not plastic surgery duh!) and I'm lack of ringgit wtf.

Anything I'll update here as usual so make sure you people come back for updates!!!

Alright. Brain dead. Gonna end abruptly.

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