Monday, July 13, 2009

My internet quota is BACK!!!!!!!

Finally I can surf whatever websites I like and blog whenever I like too ^^

Today is a crazily long day because I went to 5 different destinations and I think my legs are paralysed now wtf. Not to mention that I took like a gazillion photos to the extend my fully charged battery KO-ed!

The happiest thing is I actually bought 2 good books today!!! *beams*

Now I hope I'll finish all the books instead of reading them halfway through again.

(I have really bad habit of starting something halfway through and not finishing it. Like reading a book, watching a drama, open a pack of chips or biscuits, etc)

I wanna buy more books when I'm back to Malaysia!!!!!! I have so many things to buy in Malaysia (external, earphones, etc) but I don't have much ringgit T_T FML.

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