Thursday, July 16, 2009

Hoping for a sweet dream

I was so awesome that I took 2 days to edit 200+ photos taken 2 days ago! Well, I spent like 2-3 hours a day to edit them so that's like close to 6 hours to edit 200+ photos! I need some credits man :p

My friends and I were so crazy until we went to so many places in a day and took so many photos :D They are so fun to hang out with because they are crazy, funny and cute like me. I'm resizing the photos now so that the photos will load faster when I upload them so hopefully I'll be able to get everything done by tomorrow.

I said hopefully because I'm busy with plannings lately! I have to plan my mum's itinerary and also for my upcoming road trip with friends!!!! I think I'm in the wrong major now. I should've done tourism instead wtf. Lol.

It can get quite stressful to be the planner because the last thing you want to do is to screw everything up :( I have no idea how Florence dear can survive in this line!

Since my previous entry doesn't have any photo, here are 2 taken yesterday and today to avoid my blog being flooded with nothing but words only wtf.

Most interesting car plate number ever. Siapa mau? I think it suits Terence a lot I don't know why. Too bad he doesn't drive.

I'm so happy that Xu is finally back from Gold Coast! She was there to stay with her uncle's family and I miss her so much!!! I guess she missed me too because she didn't forget to buy stuff for me while on holidays T____T So touching...

She got me a box of Green Tea Mochi because I said once that it's very nice and I liked it, and some nougats~! The cup on top right is chamomile tea which helps to sleep well.

I've been having sleepless nights and seriously, I think insomnia is my greatest enemy ever! So in order to help me, Yung Hui was so kind to pass me some chamomile tea leaves that she bought. I'm praying that it'll works tonight because I didn't sleep much yesterday night at my friend's place as well.

I slept over at my friend's place and we had a wonderful night together filled with laughters :D I hope they enjoyed themselves as much as I do.

Honestly, life has been getting better lately (compared to a few months ago) and am treasuring my every moments now. Though there's someone who has been playing the mind game with me, I guess I shouldn't care much because if I'm not being treasured, I don't find any reason why I should treasure that person in return.

Besides, with people around who cared SO MUCH about me, I'm so happy until I can have sweet dreams tonight :)

Thank you everyone for all the sweet memories before I leave! Thanks for the chamomile tea YHui! Thanks to Xu dearie whom I'll miss a lot when I'm back to Msia because of the bond we have now T_T

When I'm back to Msia, everything is back to square one. FML.

Before I forget, to someone...

Good luck with your CLP test!

I know you can do it and you won't disappoint me since you are like so damn freaking smart wtf. Though not being able to talk to you in msn like how we used to feels a bit... erm... I don't know how to say it - weird? But nothing is more important than your CLP test and I hope that my words of encouragement through sms can lift your spirit up! ^^

See ya in Malaysia ;)

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