Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Got tagged by Xiaopei some time ago but I totally forgot to do it. Sorry dear :p

Show your readers the tenth photo you find on your photo file folder.

I don't know which to pick to I'm going to post 2 photos taken from my laptop and external respectively.

From laptop folder...

A very cute and special necklace given by the most important man in my life :) I love it to bits and you can see me wearing it right until today :p

As from my external...

Hahahahaha omg.

Photo taken when I was in Form 5!!! Look how young and youthful we were omg! I still remember clearly that I forced the girls to take pics with me because I just created a Friendster account at that time and wanted to upload my latest photos wtf.

Shen Ling got dragged too :p Love you girls! Thanks for giving in to my silly request XD

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