Friday, July 03, 2009

Dim Sum Brekkie

Imagine sleeping late every night and having to force yourself awake early in the morning for almost everyday! It's nothing but killing man!!

What's more waking up early for something that you don't fancy :(

Most of my friends probably know by now that I don't really fancy dim sum. Reason is because my family loves dim sum a lot and every week we'll go for dim sum breakfast without fail. Since I'm allergic to seafood (esp prawns), I can't take much of it and slowly I began to dislike dim sum I don't know why.

I'm the odd one out in the family as always wtf. They love coriander but I don't take coriander. I'm the only born leftie. I have split personality when I'm at home and when I'm out while the rest of them are the same in and out. They love dim sum but I dislike. They don't have sensitive skin but I have very, very sensitive skin and many more.

Happy not?

Sorry back to my main topic. Su-ann wasn't feeling well that morning so she decided to ffk us last minute T_T

So ended up with just the 4 of us who went.

And all 4 of us were dead tired and sleepy. And there're a few happenings that caused us to run and walk here and there. What a good morning exercise hahaha

Went to the famous Landmark restaurant again because it's really that good!

These are what we ordered. All in one in order to save space. Lol.

Random photo because Xu said that this chandelier is pretty.

The only idiot who calls me aunty T_T

He really live to eat. Despite not sleeping for the whole night, he can still drag himself to go for dimsum breakfast =.=


The lack of sleep Andy.

Lack of sleep too.

Towards the end, I felt a bit awkward.

Why awkward you may ask? That's because I freaking met my tutor, Jeremy, there wtf!!!!!!!! He taught me Business Policy and of all papers, I'm most worried about this paper so he totally ruined my appetite T______T

And the way he said 'hi' to me doesn't make me happy because so cool wtf.

Besides, Terence met his tutor too who came together with Jeremy. Both Andy and Terence agreed that Jeremy looked very young - just like our age. Told ya! I even thought he was my classmate on my first day of his class -_-

The only thing that I really like to eat for dim sum haha

Xu said that I looked really funny to eat my egg tart with a spoon and hence this photo was taken T_T

Didn't know that she took this photo of me.

I looked like a glutton as always T_T But the egg tart is da BOMB lah! How not to like it? :p

After dim sum, we went to the city because the 2 guys wanted to shop so we spent quite some time in the city before heading over to the snooker centre again.

Sneak peak of my Guess wallet :p Taken at the snooker centre.

After that, Xu and I rushed home immediately and went to uni for her basketball training.

On the way to uni, we spotted this!

Take a guess what it is ^^

It's all the ibis! Awesome isn't it?

The basketball, surprisingly, ended pretty late and the was so windy and cold T_T I went there in shorts and I almost froze to death but Xu taught me to breath in deeply whenever I feel cold.

Kinda worked a bit I guess. You all give it a try then! ;)

Tired now because just came back not too long ago. I just earned the "Chor Tai Dee Queen" title :p I'm awesome.

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