Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Dammit I just realised that after Klub Kandy, I have either dropped $50 or I spent more than $100 that night wtf.

I think the latter is rather impossible considering that I only bought 3 drinks and a dinner and that couldn't possibly come up to >$100 :( Where did the extra $50 went to????? Money... faster fall from the sky!!!!

Another thing I noticed is my hp was the victim for that night. I have no freaking idea how, why and when it happened but my screen protector is damn screwed with bubbles on it T____T Why is all these bad things happening to me? WHY??? T_T

Is this a SIGN? My results will be out in a week's time T____________________T

Guess I have to go back to get my handphone fixed (cuz my caller ID got problem. Sibeh unlucky) and get another new handphone screen protector. I bet my brother wouldn't be happy with my hp condition because he says I never take care of my stuff :(:(:(

Argh I just came back from yamcha not long ago so I'm really tired now. But will post it up soon~! ;)
Good night to you wonderful readers!

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