Saturday, June 13, 2009

Wii Fever


I received news from a reliable source saying that probably from next week onwards, all Nintendo Wii's price will increase like crazy due to shortages. And new batch of Wii might not be modified so you lucky people who are still in Malaysia and are hesitating whether to buy or not, here's your chance!!!

I'm very unlucky because 1) I'm not in Malaysia, 2) my money will be spent on travelling and 3) brother has no money to lend me so I'm missing this greatest chance to get one for myself T_T

The price of a set of Wii (from my friend's shop) is RM950 inclusive of the console, 2 pairs of controllers and 10 games. After this, the price to pay may be RM1100-1200. Go grab yours now!

Let me emo first for not being to buy one for myself T_T I HAD ALWAYS WANTED ONE!!!! *sigh*

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