Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What would you rather be?

The possibility of you forgetting about me is like the worst nightmare that could ever happen in my life...

Do I even deserve to hope for the best?

(Guess only my housemates will understand what I wrote above. The rest of you just have to keep guessing)

The other day I was studying with my friends in library and Shu Yi came to know that I was actually born leftie and immediately said that left-handers are smart people. Well, personally I think lefties are people with some special talents/be really good at something.

Except for me.

Come to think of it, there's nothing that I'm really good at. Nor do I have any talents as well. FML. I'm a leftie failure wtf.

But YHui heard that and commented that I may not be extremely good at one thing, but I'm a person who is good at doing everything.

I was stunned with her generous comment. Thanks dear! But then, I don't think I'm good at calculations T_T I don't think I'm good at almost everything. Perhaps I'm a fast learner =.=

So here's something for you to think for today:

Would you rather be extremely good at one thing/field or good/okay in almost everything else?

Both have their pros and cons! Think about it~! If you are extremely good at 1 thing, probably you can excel faster or do reallyyyy well in that particular field? Or you are able to survive in just about in any field but it takes longer time for you to excel?

Finally... Guess what's next?

The colour of winter wear - black and white *yawn*

Gotta sleep now! Night~

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