Sunday, June 28, 2009

(Typing this while sipping on Lipton ice tea in Peach flavor. Ahhhh... it feels like heaven~)

Do you know that Turkeys can reproduce without having sex? And women have slightly higher average IQ than men? Haha! Read it from somewhere :p

Sigh. I totally regret for leaving all my pretty dresses back in Malaysia when I went back during summer T_T Tomorrow I'll be going to Klub Kandy for clubbing and I have nothing to wear!!! I'm only left with 2 dresses here because I thought it'll be autumn and winter when I come so I won't be wearing them wtf. Now I have to wear them again for tomorrow and that sucks man!

I think you people must be thinking that I'm so poor until I have nothing else to wear and kept on repeating on the same dressing all the time. The thing is... I am that poor~!

Now that I'm on holidays, I'm busier than ever! I have many things to settle, many things to plan, many places to visit and etc. Except for not much money to spend.

Alright. I shall continue with my 1 Night 2 Days show. It's freaking hilarious and is such a big hit in Korea!!! Have been watching it from January till now omg! Love it!!!


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