Thursday, June 04, 2009

This is what I should be?

When I should be busy rushing for my presentation for tomorrow (2 assignments due tomorrow as well are done!!!), I still slack off a little to do lame tests from FB -_-

I did a few but these 2 really amused me...

Lol! I think I should really be that short considering the fact that my parents n grandparents aren't tall at all. But thank goodness I played sports a lot back then so my height kinda shoot up a lot within a short period of 1-2 years.

But come on, less than 160cm? I'm wayyy taller than 150cm please -_-

Regarding the second test, I doubt that I'm good at everything. Just that I learn things fast but I certainly can't do everything. Eg. I doubt I can even do direct selling because I hate to repeat things over and over again.

Wait. That seems like what I hate/don't wish to do. Whatever.

But I think some of the explanation for it is pretty true. I don't wish to be in the spotlight but I like to be the person with power! Who doesn't? I wish I'm a superwoman who can do well in everything too!!!

Alright back to work. Lots more to do. FML.

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