Sunday, June 14, 2009

Online shopping is addictive

Somehow I think I have given up on Restaurant City -_-

I admit that I'm a person who gets bored of something fast. I'll still log in to my restaurant once in a while to check on it but definitely not as often as before :p It's so freaking boring! I have no idea how people can play that for so long!

As usual, out of boredom I did 2 quizzes from FB which are the palm reading and how HOT I am wtf. Merely for fun okay!

How I wish my life is that good :( I pray for a better life in near future!

I'm 93% hot wtf. Isn't it a bit too much? =.='''

There are people who scored 98%! This is absurd!!! How is that even possible?

Here's something that I'm aiming to buy after exams, before going back to Malaysia!

DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom!

YHui and I were shopping in David Jones and I came across this perfume and I fell in love with the scent on the spot! The smell is sweet, fruity and gives a feminine scent. Love it love it love it!!!

Plus the bottle is so sibeh cute! ^^

Imma so gonna save money to buy this! But I wonder if Malaysia is cheaper or Australia here :|

Anyone willing to buy this for me? Lol! As in... advance bday present? Graduation gift? *hint to bro*

On another note, I always shop online to release stress. Lately I bought 2 dresses for myself from Malaysia ^^ Besides a lot of stuff from Taiwan as well. If you are wondering how do I pay, I use Maybank2u :) Super convenient!

Got this 2 months ago.

Brother checked the dress for me just in case of any defect and sent me the photos as well. Well, I actually didn't expect the material to be cotton. It's doesn't look good in photo (maybe my bro is a lousy cameraman I don't know) so I'm hoping that I'll look good in them because it ain't cheap T_T

If I don't look good in something, I wouldn't want to wear them anymore. I'm that hard to please wtf.

Just bought this today.

Isn't it pretty???? :D Not cheap either for online purchases. It costs me RM56 (inclusive of shipping) so yea, I'm broke in both AUD and RM wtf. But I really like it so much that I have to have it no matter what!

I love simple dresses~! Gonna buy more when I'm back to Malaysia.

And if you are my usual shopping kaki, you would have know by now that I don't usually buy accessories because it's hard for me to like an accessory. But this piece took my breath away...

But dammit it was sold!!! T_______T

I love it so much till the extend of emailing the owner by asking her to make another similar piece for me but she said that she ran out of materials for it. FML. I even offered more money lor.

If you love accessories, do check out Charming Pieces because their pieces are really pretty and exclusive! Only 1 piece for each design and all of it are selling fast! Which explains why the 2 pieces that I wanted from them were sold out.

Another favourite accessory website that I frequent to is Twinkle Collection. Do check them out ;) Some of the items are expensive but some are really reasonable.

Dammit I'm so broke now because there are so many souvenirs that I have to buy for relatives and friends in Malaysia wtf. When is the money going to fall from the sky?

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