Sunday, May 31, 2009

Make A Difference

My new banner is up!!! Love it? Hate it?

This time I took about 1 hour to do it and that includes sourcing for the brushes that I need, chatting and cooking at the same time -_- I multitask a lot. Otherwise it would be done in a jiffy!

This banner is a little bit plain as usual but it suits my taste because I like simplicity. And I think the whole outlook is cool and yet, glamorous at the same time! I was playing around with Photoshop and that's how this result came out. I'm pretty satisfied with it ^^ By the way, I've toned down the redness because I received some feedbacks that the redness of the previous banner is a bit too sharp. If you have any suggestion to improve my current banner, feel free to let me know alright?

Thanks to YHui for creating my previous banner ;)


Here's something that I've promised to share but I kept procrastinating till today. I bet many of you are interested to know how many tubes of mascaras I have because I love mascara so much, right?

Before I reveal, feel free to take a guess!

5 tubes?

6 tubes??



Here's the answer! Hold your breath!!!

Lol!!!! Amazing isn't it?

I don't deny that I'm a mascara freak :p

Whenever there's a new mascara out in the market, have good reviews from the net and it's within my budget, I'd be more than happy to try it out myself. As you can see, I don't own any of the expensive mascaras such as MAC, Bobbi Brown, etc because I'm too poor to own them wtf.

It's more like, I'm not willing to spend most of my money on mascara because I would rather spend it on outings and food instead -_- So I guess once I started working and earning my own money, I'll switch to the more expensive cosmetics :p

However, there's always a wrong perception that people have - cheaper range of mascaras are not good! It's absolute bullshit.

I use all the mascaras above alternately depending on my mood except for those 4 on the right because it doesn't really help with lengthening :(

I've explained this 88975151571583 times on why I concentrate on my lashes whenever I put on make up. Reason is because I want to achieve this result!

You must be thinking, "Wow Jaclyn has really long lashes!"

But I have to say this... my lashes always managed to deceive people that they are originally this long. The fact is my lashes are so short until they almost don't exist!!!

Don't believe?
Scroll down!

Look at the before and after putting on mascara!

Can you even see my lashes from the first photo? =.='''

Although the first photo I was wearing a grey contact while the second one I wore brown, I swear both are my eyes okay. It's because I can't find any photo me without make up+wearing brown lens. Again I'm repeating this, my double eyelid miraculously appear whenever I apply mascara so that's the reason why I concentrate on my lashes whenever I make up because that's what enhances my look.

Seriously, what's the point of a person making up if she looks exactly the same without make up? The purpose of cosmetics is to enhance your overall appearance isn't it? So, get to know what will enhance your look the most and work on it! As for me will be the lashes because it creates double eyelid for me :)

I have many darlings asking me on how I managed to curl my lashes so beautifully and how come it's so long while my original ones are so freaking short. The answer lies on.......

how you curl your lashes.

And also how you coat your mascara on your lashes! Always remember, curl your lashes as close to your lid as possible and coat it with mascara from the bottom and pull it upward softly. Don't pull it too hard because you will pull off the fibers at the tip of your lashes :)

This is my way of achieving the fake lashes effect. My friends all love the way I do their eyes because by far nobody has shorter lashes than mine *sob*, so theirs look even longer and nicer! Besides, I'm the only weirdo to have double eyelid after putting mascara wtf.

Don't laugh! T_T

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