Sunday, June 21, 2009

Jaclyn and the Chocolate Factory

Argh!!! I really don't feel like touching the notes so I decided to take 15 mins off to write this short entry.

Exam tomorrow and what am I doing now? T_T

Nestle Kit Kat Chunk in Cookies & Cream!

Sibeh nice and make sure you regret for not eating it while in Australia~!

Makan first. Diet later -_-

I call this as "motivator" okay. Junk food is your best friend (whether you like it or not) during exams period wtf.

Here are some photos taken during my study period in uni but forgot to transfer from my camera. Remember the old building I said I always study with my friends?

It's so old until this spiderweb has a chance to form so perfectly round and nice =.='''

Very hard to capture the spiderweb properly with camera but trust me, it's really pretty.

Guess what I do when I'm stress from studying? I shop!!! From our uni's flea market on every Wednesday ^^

This is my happiest purchase ever! This is a top from India and apparently it is hand knitted. Not only it's cheap ($20 only!!!!) and comfortable, I like it how it fits me so perfectly well without making me look fat. The lady seller is really good because at one glance she knows whether it'll fit me or not.

I plan to go back again on Wednesday to try my luck if I could find anything else nice from her stall :p

I also bought this earring from the same stall at $3. Xu managed to grab some great bargains from the same stall. She got her 3 pairs of earrings at the price of $2!! Mana cari???

It's really bling and pretty in real life. And it's quite heavy too~!

See! Nice or not? :D
Plan to wear it for my convo!

Chocolates are on sale in Coles people! Go and grab your souvenirs if you are graduating next month and will be going back to Malaysia! I bought quite a lot for my relatives, ex-colleagues and friends :p

My purchases.

In fact, I think it's not enough because I have quite many colleagues and friends to give to :( Plan to buy some Willy Wonka too! Lol~! All of them gonna get diabetes real soon.

I bought all the flavors that we can't get in Malaysia ^^

Wanna see the total amount of chocolates bought by all 4 of us (Xu, Suann, YHui and I)? Scroll down!!!

Hahaha. I think we can start a blogshop selling Made in Australia chocolates now.

Yung Hui bought some as souvenirs. Despite graduating end of this year, Suann bought some chocolates to stock up first as souvenirs since it's cheap now. Xu bought a few bars for herself as she has another 3 and the half years to go. Lol.

On the way home that night, we saw an animal that looks like duck and Suann/Xu (I forgot who) was worried that it might attack us. I joked that with the amount of chocolates we bought, each of us throw a bar of chocolate also enough to kill it wtf.

Thank goodness I have people to carry some of my stuff back to Malaysia for me. Otherwise with the amount of souvenirs and shoppings that I'll be doing after exams, I'm starting to get worried that I'm unable to carry all of it on my own.

Alright back to study...

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