Tuesday, June 02, 2009

I've officially broke my nerd-o-meter!

I was at the guy's place for group discussion from 8.45pm till 3.45am!!!!!!!! Thankfully I have Su-ann to walk home together otherwise Timmy suggests that I sleep on their sofa instead.

Read - Sofa. Not in any of the room wtf T_T

I've never stayed till that late at a friend's place just for group discussion! Su-ann even fell asleep halfway through because she was dead tired in completing her assignment that was due yesterday afternoon.

Alright. 2 more group discussions to go later and will be continuing the same damn routine till Thursday. FML.

Last week I have 2 presentations and 1 assignment due. This week I have 1 presentation and 2 assignments to submit. Next Monday I still have 1 more assignment due before I can start studying for my finals!!!! Not enough time lah!!!! Stress to the max.

I want holidays!!!!

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