Saturday, June 06, 2009

It's coming to an end...

Yay!!! I've just submitted 2 group assignments yesterday and did my final presentation!

Now I'm left with 1 final assignment that's due on Monday before I could finally start to study for my finals in less than 2 week's time :(

Talk about my presentation! I can't believe that that was my FINAL presentation in university!!! Throughout my uni life, I did countless of presentations and assignments and I can't believe that all these are coming to an end already!

Time passes so quickly that it's hard to digest the fact that I've been studying for a good 17 years and will be working for the rest of my life! T_T I'm anxious because I don't know how well I'll fetch in the working world; whether I'll get a job that I'm interested in, how fast I'll get promoted and etc. The uncertainty scares me.

Back to my presentation on Friday. Well, all I could say is I'm quite okay with my presentation on Friday because at least I did better than usual (didn't stutter much wtf) and I actually felt really relax I don't know why. My presentation mark was more than half so I guess I can't complain much since again, I didn't put in much effort into it as I was extremely busy with other assignments.

I took 1 night to do research+readings and 1 night to do it! A lot of effort alright!!! :p

Now that everything is done, I can finally concentrate on my finals and pray that I pass everything safely so that I can graduate on time.

Imagine you fail *TOUCHWOOD TO THE MAX* and your parents came to Aus to attend your convo but ended up here for vacation instead. That is probably the worst thing in the world I swear!!!!

I can kinda predict what my life would be after this:-
- Graduate with friends
- Travel around for a bit
- Balik Malaysia wtf
- Fight with other graduates for a job. Double wtf.
- Have a mundane working life
- Spend a lot of time on work and no more superstar lifestyle

Seriously I think I'll tone down on my lifestyle when I go back to Malaysia. NO MORE SUPERSTAR LIFESTYLE!!! This is how a person changes after staying in a suburb for a year. Lol.

I guess I'm really sick of those happening lifestyles and it's time to concentrate on what I think is important to me instead (career, family and bf) :) I know there are people who like to have this kind of life just so that they can show off to others that they are popular, have many friends and are very happening. Like, what's there to show?

I've had it before. I've experienced that for years.

In fact when I went back to Msia during the summer, I've been going out so often until I spent almost all my money on outings. Lol!!!

So friends! This time don't tempt me with all those outings/parties/holidays etc!!! I'm determined to tone down on my lifestyle!!! I'm determined! Very very determined!!! Yes I am!

Perhaps we could go for clubbings, makan, yamchas, 1-2 trips and occasional outings to relax.

Damn. I'm starting to doubt myself if I can do that wtf.

But clubbing is a must! I miss going to clubs with my girls!!! Girls, I don't mind going with anyone, including your friends, as long as my transportation is covered. Lol! Let's get crazy like how we used to (except that I won't do intimate dance with strangers anymore. Shy already now wtf)!!!

Whole day of outing tomorrow! Can't wait~~!

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