Saturday, June 13, 2009

Pre-exam outing. The true definition of play hard, study later

Have been super busy "camping" at uni library as my final examinations are just around the corner. But since I won't be going to the library (today), I'm taking an hour off to do this entry instead.

Actually I'm slacking as usual. Lazy to study T_T

Here's the entry as told earlier!

Last Sunday, we girls decided to go out and relax before starting to study hard for our exams this week. Ever heard of study hard, play HARDER??? Just that we play first... study later wtf. Sunday was really a long day because we spent the whole day outside and came back late at night.

The day started off with Yung Hui and I going to the city for shopping (it's mid-year sale!!!) while my housemates went to uni for some church activities.

Crabstick+cucumber and tuna+avocado sushi as lunch :)

I don't know about YHui but I myself certainly enjoyed the shopping very much! I didn't buy much though because things that are worth buying are all the branded stuff. I can't afford them T_T So I only bought what I really need.

As in... REALLY REALLY NEED! Must stress on it otherwise I'll be told off for spending a lot of money on shoppings. Wanna see my purchases?

2 Guess shopping bags and 1 bag from Jayjays.

I'm not rich!!! It's on sale and I've been saving for weeks just to shop for what I really need. Will show you what I bought at the end of this entry as usual. Lol.

YHui and I finished with our shoppings by 4pm and walked over to Southbank to wait for the girls for movie. But the girls were late so YHui and I have to wait for them and entertain ourselves.

Awesome skyscrapers as background!

YHui wanted an emo shot.

Tempted, I wanted 1 for myself too though I usually pose for emo photos when I'm at the beach.

Emo or not? Cool eh? :p

Dirty Brisbane river instead of clean beach. But at least the view is great and it's really relaxing to chill out over there!

Many pimples due to the lack of sleeps from rushing for assignments and presentation last week.

(Now worsen thanks to the exam stress wtf)

Sibeh relaxing. She almost dozed off seriously.

Pretending to be a Buddha! Reincarnation!?!?!? Lol...

Photos always turn out good under bright lighting/setting. I personally prefer the natural sunlight to take photo ;)

Our movie was at 5.05pm and we watched the Night at the Museum 2.

All of us were happy because we got the best seats in the world. Don't mind my eye bags please. Having eye bags is the best proof that I have been studying wtf.

I do study! Just that I study for half an hour and then slack off for 1 hour :p

4 of us and me advertising for Pepsi. Wasn't being paid though. But I paid for that damn drink wtf. $3.70!!!!!

Night at the Museum 2 is freaking hilarious! Go watch it if you haven't!!!

After movie we wanted to have dinner at this restaurant (I forgot the name sorry) but we were told to come back in 20 mins time. So off we went to entertain ourselves again.

The beautiful and romantic setting.

Pirate of the Southbank.

Titanic 2.

With Rose and Rosemary hahaha...

"You jump, I jump"

Actually all of you can jump because the water is really shallow. Lol.

*cough* Yeng *cough*

No idea what they 're doing.

Us :D

I set the timer so that all of us could pose together. But later a group of 4 men walked over and offered to help us to take photo instead. How nice of them!!! ^^ Australians people are nice!

But according to the girls, one of the man took our photo as well -_-

I wonder what is he going to do with it...

More camwhores!!!!

Hahaha... Su-ann always have shaky hands.

Is that the famous dugong duyung pose, YHui???

Then, we decided that we should should JUMP!

Fail 1: Suann got blocked. (Notice YHui's pose)

Fail 2: YHui got blocked. (Notice YHui's pose. Isn't it the same??? Lol!!)

Fail 3: Could be successful if Xu's head didn't get cut off. Lol.

Seems like Xu is flying wtf. She calls it the Peterpan pose. Haha.

After getting sweaty after numerous attempts, we gave up and decided to pose normally instead.

Yes, posers we are.

Su-ann, damn syiok okay your expression! Lol.

After a good 30mins, we went back to the restaurant and we have to wait again! Since all of us were hungry, we decided to go for Fish & Chips at Deck's instead.

They serve one of the best Fish & Chips around ;) Love the fries seriously.

After dinner, Xu bought hot chocolate for herself and off we went to our new found place to chill out.

Love the background!

It was freakingggggg windy and cold that night so I offered my jacket to our little Su-ann because she's super afraid of cold.

While all of us are starting to put on our winter wear, Xu is finally wearing like it's autumn wtf. She can still wear shorts at night where the temperature is below 10 celcius!!! I have no idea how she survives!

Excellent view from behind.

Beautiful view from the side.

Romantic view from the front.

The red building is the casino! The colour changes everyweek and last week was red. I love red ^^

We went home around 9+ and calls it a day. Here are the 3 items that I bought.

Long knitted top from Jayjays. On sale so it's cheap!

You'll see it in my next entry :)

1 bigger Guess purse for myself.

1 smaller Guess purse as souvenir.

Sorry I can't show the purse that I bought above because it's suppose to be a souvenir so I want to keep the suspense just in case she reads my blog.

I can show you my new Guess purse but I forgot to take pic of it as I was in the rush last Sunday. Will do next time okay? I have been wanting a new purse since last year because my current one is in a pathetic state.

This is my current one. It has been serving me for a year plus and I love it SO MUCH!

But because I have so many cards (not cash T_T), the side of it is torn now. The coin area has a hole too so I can't keep my coins in my purse wtf.

So tell me, don't you think that I needed a new purse to replace the current one? The new one is bigger and it's white in colour. Imma gonna take pic of it after exams to show 'ya all because I haven't use it yet. It's sitting nicely in the box because I'm lazy to transfer all my cards and cash to the new purse.

Will do after exams XD

I'm extremely happy because I finally got myself a new purse after a year plus of procrastinating.

Not only I have pimples on my cheek. Even YHui, Su-ann and Sazie have fresh pimple(s) on the cheeks too! Proof of studying hard you know :p


got to go now :)

Back to study and have a wonderful day ahead!
Will write the next entry when I'm free ;)

All the best for your exams peeps!!!

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