Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Studying!

This will be the most random entry I've ever written because I'll be writing what comes to my mind and I'm lazy to rearrange the photos accordingly.

By the way, I'm glad that the Father's Day card that I sent to my dad reached today, on time at least :) And he sent me a super long sms talking about everything in the world (like asking me to graduate smoothly otherwise very embarrassing wtf), besides thanking me for the card!

I am hoping to graduate peacefully too dad T_T

While many people have their last paper today, I just had my first wtf. Since so many of you asked about my first paper, I shall say it again over here instead of repeating myself multiple times. The paper was OKAY! Just that the case study is a bitch and I think I did wrongly for a few questions there. So yea, I practically screwed my case study part (20marks omg!) because I was sleepy and almost dozed off halfway through!!! My brain can't function I don't know why.

The best part is, I slept early yesterday -_- I have more than enough sleep. FML.

Confirm cannot get a 6 already. Laugh lah laugh T___________T I'm hoping to pass at least.

For the past 1 week plus, I have been studying at uni almost everyday to prepare for the upcoming examinations. Come to think of it, I think I stayed in uni longer than at home. We have out daily routine illustrated as below...

We study hard....

...and then tidur.

Taking a nap when you brain is tired is extremely important okay! I always take a 10-15mins power nap to refresh myself. So learn from me!!!!

Study hard!!!

Then tidur. Hahahaha...

I loveeee the chairs in our library!!! :D

Otherwise, you can play games like what YHui did :p

"Hello??? Study please?"

"Okay okay... study study..."

This is the benefit of studying with friends. You motivate each other to study! Lol~!

Brought my housemates, YHui and Sazie to International House for dinner! Since my housemates and Sazie have never eat at IH before, I just thought of bringing them there to try out ^^

The food was awesome! From appetizer to main course to dessert. It's buffet style so you can grab whatever you like and as much as you like. But don't waste food for the sake of greed please!

This ain't no shit.

It's chocolate mousse. Pretty delicious but it'd be better if it's colder though.

The table in library is full of chewing gums! Ewwww those Australians... :|

After a few days, we decided to shift to study in a classroom in a very old building that I think even ghost wouldn't want to pay a visit. Reason is because the library closes early so it's troublesome to shift from 1 place to another. So this old building doesn't lock and it's nearer to our house and hence it was picked.

Take photo to mark our territory? =.='''

Miss Xu...

Miss Yong...

Wahahahahaha I'm a statue of liberty!!!

"Wtf I'm a soon-to-be-graduate and why am I doing this???"

Miss Sazie...

Miss Thor...

As you can see, I think I got assigned the craziest and most abnormal pose among the rest T__T

Back to study...

Before pizzas arrive also must seize the opportunity to study!!! This is what pharmacy does to her...

Redbull and jelly strawberries.

The jelly strawberries is really nice!!!! You UQ students must go and try it~!

Xu emo with Siu Fong at far left.
They don't recognise each other I don't know why -_-

This can be written as a story okay! It's like Xu is emo alone and Siu Fong secretly stay by her side to accompany her as her guardian angel! And he's eating sandwiches in order not to make it look so obvious. Hahahaha.... I think I can be a script writer already!

I hope Siu Fong is not reading this! -________-'''

2 ex-cheerleaders

The following photos are sibehhhhhh funny!!!




I pity Su-ann for having to do all the difficult stunts. Hahahaha...

Most of the time we cook our own lunch and dinner to uni. Thank goodness for the availability of microwaves around our uni :D

Lunch is usually indo-mee or sandwiches.
Dinner will either be noodles or eat out.

I cooked kolo mee for everyone on 1 of the night.

Scribble scribble scribble...

Jaclyn's aka mine.

Daniel's biotech stuff I think.

Andy's accounting stuff.

Xu's and her clay aiken is ghey stuff. Lol.

Yung Hui's.

Su-ann with her RBus stuff.

Admiring our work.

Happy studying~!

Breakfast! Very delicious breakfast!!!
Mother and Apple slice.

Apple slice from the bakery near our house. It's freaking awesome!!! You all should go and try it!

You didn't read the label wrongly. In Australia, Mother is pretty famous for a energy drink.

It's a drink by the Coca-Cola company.

Lol! I love the sense of humor there.

Other than jelly strawberries and Mother, the rest didn't touch.

Totally random! New way of wearing your scarf! Hahahaha... Popularized by Miss Xu.

I'm studying! Not sleeping!!!

Suann's table.


Mine ^^

The end of my random entry. Have a wonderful Sunday and...

Happy Father's Day to all the wonderful daddies out there!

In Australia, they celebrate Father's Day in September! So I don't get to buy my dad a Father's Day card but a blank Thank You card instead -_-

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