Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Eyes

I often have people telling me that I have big eyes. But then.... really?

Honestly speaking, I don't think so.

Without make up, or more appropriately, without mascara, my eyes are nothing but sepet (slit eyes). I inherited my mum's small eyes so I wasn't born with double eyelids. But I create them myself.

My eyes back then were really small and tragic. Tragic because they are uneven wtf! Now they are still uneven but at least not so obvious as compared to before. I hate to do this but let me show you how my eyes looked like back in 2005.

(I always show ugly photos of myself I don't know why T_T)

Tragic or not you tell me T_T

Photos of me back in HELP's Foundation wtf. I guess what people say are true - a person changes the most after they left high school! I looked even more tragic back in high school!!!!

And right until today, CHowe still loves to tease me with my Form 2 photo T__________T Once, he went around with the photo showing to all my friends and he even brought it to the tuition centre to show around. I was so embarrassed that I swear I almost gave him flying kick on the spot.

I know some of you are interested to know how much I've changed and how I used to look like back then but I don't have softcopy of my old photos. Someone even requested me to do an entry of myself from baby until now -_- I might after I get back to Malaysia okay? By then, be prepared to laugh your ass off wtf.

So yea, this is how I looked like 4 years ago.

But 4 years is such a long period of time! I have changed.

Besides looking more mature now, my eyes, somehow, have changed too =.=


Ahhh... Why I feel that I look more youthful and better back in Malaysia than Australia? In Australia, I just couldn't be bothered with my look wtf.

Skin also nicer in Malaysia lor!

Ohya, I have many people telling me that my eyes looked bigger after I cut my frinch. You peeps can give it a try - at your own risk of course! :p

Gonna end abruptly here. Toodles~!

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