Friday, June 19, 2009

All I asked for is someone to listen to all my worries. Hear me out. That's it.

But all I've gotten in return was nothing but scoldings and lectures. Aren't you my family member? Why do I deserve treatment that is far worse than you treating your friends?

I swear that I'll never seek help nor confide in you anymore. I shall stand on my own and solve my own problems from now on without the help from you. I knew we have never get along well all these while. I hope things will change. But it never did.

I'm sick of trying. Guess I shall just leave thing as it is and go with the flow.

Screw the relationship between us. My friends treat me better than you did. I don't need you to shower me with gifts. I would rather you listen to me instead. Like how I did when you were down and I tried my best to console you.

You know what? Your words have hurt my feelings. I'm utterly upset and disappointed right at this moment.