Thursday, May 07, 2009

To my best guy friend C.H. Wong...

Thank you for calling me on and off from Malaysia to chat with me whenever you are free. Each time receiving your calls never fail to put a smile on my face because you are as humorous as always. Thanks for making my day.


Next time don't call me at 5am (Aus time) can or not?????

I was wondering who's the idiot who calls me so early in the morning and pretend to be someone that I don't know and keep me guessing for a good 5mins while I'm only half awake! But thank goodness I managed to guess the right person (though a little slower than usual) so I ended up didn't embarrass myself :p

Handsome. Next time call 2 hours earlier okay? I need my beauty sleep.

And thanks to you who don't online, I have no choice but to keep in touch with you through phone calls! But what to do, you are my buddy so it's all worth it right? :)

Miss you beautiful people in Malaysia so much!!!! Miss me too~!

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