Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sales Presentation Day

Previous entry was a scheduled one because I've been sooooo busy till today!

No, my terms of being busy are not by going out or enjoying life but busy with presentations instead. I had a presentation yesterday till 4pm, went to print some stuff for today's presentation, headed over to the guy's place to get some stuff done and take back my clothes (because they are so nice to lend me their dryer to dry my clothes), and finally back to my house to relax before the guys came over at 10+pm for final preparation for our presentation today.

You tell me! Tired or not???

We are soooo tired! Welcome to our uni life.

Phan came over too around 12am I think.

Got lectured by him for taking the photo above T_T

"I don't understand why you want to take pic even in your own house! I really don't understand you!!!"

Phan... You'll never understand me because you are not a blogger! Lol!!!

Once we were done and rehearsed among ourselves, we presented to Phan and Suann as a practice!

We kept joking and laughing because it's so funny to do a presentation to your own friends!

This was a sales presentation so everything has to be formal. Including the greeting, hand shakes, etc. So imagine you are the seller, trying to sell to your friends. It felt very funny but weird at the same time!

But at the end we decided to get down to business and get serious wtf.

Both Phan and Suann really helped us a lot by throwing in all the objections to get us prepared! Thanks a lot to the both of us! Really appreciate it! ^^ I'll let you know how we did at the end of this entry ;)

Fast forward to today.

I woke up early to dress up and make breakfast for myself which was bread wtf. Very sad.

And I'm ready to go! ^^

That's the new semi-transparent shirt that I bought. You might not be able to see it but I wore a pink spaghetti inside. It's a size bigger because my size was so standard until it ran out of stock wtf. They have all the sizes except mine.

I aimed to be a modern and hip career woman okay! So even if you think that it's not professional looking enough also I don't care :p And I have to wear heels!!! It has been such a long time since I last wore heels and it's killing me T_T

Went over to the guys' place to meet up and supposingly to rehearse for one last time but I ended up waiting for them to dress up and have breakfast -_-

Timmy charging his laptop's battery for our presentation later. That's our presentation slides! In RED!!! Hehehe...

Bangun pagi, minum susu. Macam budak kecil! Lol!!!

I was seated like the position above for a good 50mins for them to get ready. Was having a good hair day by the way. Hahaha... Must mention because it's rare to have a good hair day lately!

For our sales presentation, we got a few things ready such as....

3 files with our company logo printed on it.

3 files for 1 lecturer and 2 tutors. We are suppose to convince the tutors and lecturer to purchase our product! Not an easy task. Tsk tsk.

Our company logo. Can't be too fancy because we are not an advertising company wtf.

In the files we have...

Brochures of our product!

Sorry I'm not going to repeat again what I'm selling because I realised that I've been repeating myself the same thing over and over again for the past few weeks! Phobia already.
(But if you are really interested to know, can ask me so that I'll explain briefly to u :))

Our brochures look professional right? It costs us a BOMB to print them out alright? There goes my Nando's meal T_____T

We even have our own name card! It was my suggestion so that it seems more realistic so yea, I designed it. Again, I was so tempted to make it really fancy but I couldn't. Come to think of it, this was the first time I used PS so much for my coursework!!! I did the company logo, edited the brochures and designed our name cards. Lol! What a fun presentation ^^

The moment of truth! Time for our first very very formal and realistic presentation!



Tim said we must dress to impress -_- The reason why he dressed up was because our lecturer and tutors wore coat! Wtf I didn't expect them to wear coat!!! Realistic or not this presentation you tell me!!!!

Our local Korean lookalike thinks that he's underdressed.

If so, what about me? T_T

(Btw I think my hair looked very nice above! Lol!! Good hair day... Good hair day XD)

Overall, our presentation went extremely well and we were told that our presentation was good and our product impressed them a lot :D That's why we didn't get that many objections (probably 2 only) from them because I think they really can't critic much about our product since it's so good wtf.

3 of us are very happy and glad that another presentation of ours is over. Time to concentrate for other assignments now T_T I have 1 assignment due this Friday. Please kill me!

Next week got more dues!!!

After presentation, I didn't join the Manors guys and girls for lunch but headed home to rest instead. By rest I mean online to chat and surfing the net.

My cute pineapple moo-moo. I love it so much not because it was given by Sim but because it's sooooo cute!

I may not seems like it but I actually quite like plushies wtf. You should see my piggies collection back home. Lol!!! My dad had always wanted to give away my soft toys because my nose is allergic to dust and soft toys attract dusts on my bed :|

Dad, I'm going to kamikaze with you if you throw away all my toys!!!!

Yes, camwhore helps to release stress.

Eating chips does too!

Let's talk about my hair since I have good hair day today! Do you realise that my hair has grown pretty much over the past couple of months?

Early this year it looked like this. (Don't mind my sibeh short frinch please T_T)

Suppose to upload the photo of me right after the haircut with shorter hair but I couldn't find the photos -_-

In May it look like this already. And I've cut my frinch 3 times already on my own in Australia hahaha...

Hair now is not tidy and defined like my hair back in Malaysia because I use lesser wax due to recession wtf.

Okay the truth is I can't use much wax because Aus don't sell the wax that I use and it's running out already T_T I also realised that I always look better and more refreshed in Malaysia than in Australia! WHY???? Skin back in Malaysia felt better too~!

Now, let me impress you on how to take photo that looks like it was taken with a DSLR!

Wahahahahaha look like or not??? Look at the blurred out background :p

You must be wondering how come my skin looks so smooth now since I said that I have many breakouts on last Saturday. My personal tip is to dab on the pimple cream on the spot before going to bed. According to darling Xu, rub on it for a bit so that it'll absorb inside. She studies pharmacy. So, trust a future pharmacist okay???? :p

More importantly is to have sufficient sleep! Something that I'm always lacked of so in return I drink more water to keep my skin hydrated instead. But the truth for the seemingly smooth skin above lies on the BB cream!


I don't usually use BB cream but my trustable ZA 2-way cake instead because it feels more natural but today in order to conceals my tiny breakouts, I have no choice but to use my BB cream :p

Make up does wonders. I admit.

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