Sunday, May 10, 2009

PS Artworks

Life has been extremely boring.

I have nothing much to blog about unless you want me to talk about my presentations and assignments :|

As usual, I went to uni for basketball in the morning and then to Toowong for lunch with Xu and Andy. Came home, took a nap before heading over to Manors for group discussion for our upcoming presentation T_T


I have another assignment due on Friday but I have yet to touch it. Double FML.

BUT on a happier note,

my daughter, Xu, knocked on my door yesterday night to present me with slice of cake while wishing me Happy Mother's Day!

Isn't she cute? Wait, isn't my HOUSEMATES cute???

The other day Su-ann suddenly came in to my room to give me a big bear hug! Lol!!!! So good to be young eh? It's good for me because indirectly, they helped to release the tension that has been building up in me lately :)

Thanks to those who are concerned and asked about my problems. But I don't feel like talking about it to anyone at the moment. Not till I get over it first.

Thanks darlings~! Getting to know you both is fate. And that is probably 1 of the best things that happened in my life ^^

Yesterday night I couldn't sleep and kinda reluctant to do my assignment, I played around with the Photoshop :p I practically played around with the brushes installed.

I ain't a PS pro. I merely use them to edit photo quality. So that explains my limited skills in it T_T

Brush spam wtf.

But it exudes a very mysterious feel, no?

My wallpaper.

I did both in a short period of time because I didn't want to spend too much on PS and not reading my notes. I just did what comes to my mind. That's why they are so plain. If I'm free, I might edit them again to make it nicer :)

Those PS pro out there, share with me your artwork and let me admire them for a bit ;) Better still, teach me!!!

Alright. I'm hungry now (stupid cold weather made us hungry all the time). Gonna cook myself dinner first. Have a great week ahead~!

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