Monday, May 25, 2009

Perodua and Proton's new MPV

(This is a scheduled post :))

Have you all seen the new Perodua's MPV? Or maybe Proton Exora? This might be a very old piece of news but I just came cross it lately and decided to share it with the equally outdated students who are studying in the suburb like me T_T

Toyota and Daihatsu jointly launched their new 7-seater MPV, based on the Toyota Passo / Daihatsu Sirion (Boon) hatchback. Therefore, this new MPV will be a "preview" to Perodua's new MPV that will be launched this year (I don't know when).

Passo Sette

Not bad right? I find it pretty stylish too!!! Though it seems a little narrow but I guess it's okay if the price is reasonable.

Photos courtesy of Autoincar.

Proton Exora

Photos courtesy of Proton.

Which one do you prefer more? Which is more stylish?

I'm not a pro with cars because at the moment I can't even afford a steering or a shiftstick T_T The reason why I don't really bother about things that I can't afford so that I won't pity myself so much T___________T

But I think the Maroon colour for Passo is really sexaaayyyyy!

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