Monday, May 18, 2009

Level of Willingness

1. Are you willing to forgo years of friendship just for a moment of fury?

2. Are you willing to forgive people who betrayed you again and again?

3. Are you willing to let go of everything just to be with the person you think might be The One?

4. Are you willing to withstand the harsh words and teasing just to be with the person you love?

5. Are you willing to pick a person who is not so good looking while you are popular and have people going after you?

Things and people around me are getting more and more interesting! It's best to just look and observe, but not comment anything on things that are none of our business. By the way, love is in the air!!!!

There's an unexpected soon-to-be-couple coming up and I bet there'll be people cursing for his wrong choice of partner :p But anyhow, wish you all the best! I may not know you both well but as long as you both are happy, nothing else matters yea?

I have been very busy+lazy to blog lately as you may realise :(

Not only blogging, I'm also lazy in doing my 7263715398741 assignments and presentations. I'm lazy to do research. I'm lazy to reply messages in my FB inbox. All I do is to log in to play RC, gaming, drama-ing (there's a good drama lately ;)) and hang out.

Shit. I even forgot to send email to Daryl (my IMC presentation partner) -_- But I'm feeling damn lazy now because I have 2 group discussions today and I brainstormed so much that my brain is dead tired now. Okay I just wanna slack wtf. Isk isk.

(Yes it's raining very heavily now!!! I love it when it rains at night because it'll be very cooling ^^)

One of the very tasty white chocolate something something ice blended from Zarraffa's! Love the coffee there :)

Their Chamomile tea is pretty good too. Look at that thing that keep the tea leaves! Isn't it cute? It looks like a huge safety pin to me wtf.

Chamomile is a flower that looks very much like daisy! Go google yourself and see!

Besides, I had the best curry laksa in Australia!!!!

CURRY LAKSA OMG!!!! In Toowong.

It's really good and spicy! I like~!

Although the price is a little high but satisfying your cravings once a while isn't too bad right? I love the longan milk tea that I bought from the same shop too! It's damn-freaking-good! Very 'kau'.

Come come. Let you salivate a bit.

I know you people from Malaysia can bombard me with 82498751957 photos of the best laksa in Malaysia but but but.... finding a good one in Brisbane is even harder than finding a bf wtf.

On another cold night, I went back to Toowong again for dinner and to buy some liquor and beer but this time around, we went back to our usual Jackpot restaurant because it's cheap and the portion is HUGE. Sibeh worth it.

Sweet and sour pork is damn awesome!!! Better than the one I cook back then *duh* because the outer layer of the skin is so crunchy.

Don't know what noodle is this but apparently I heard that it's good :)

On a night like this I spent more than $50 to release stress wtf. Besides, yesterday my housemates, Yhui and I went to shop in Indooroopilly mall and I spent more than $50 again on a few items bought.

Just a few items omg!!!! Why are things so expensive now? T_____T Inflation!!!

But well, I really heart the new formal top that I bought for my upcoming presentation :D It's semi transparent where I have to wear a spaghetti inside but I like it a lot! I even bought myself a red towel. Lol!!! Will show you how my formal top looks like next time ;)

Today is a happy day because I have a few friends Malaysia who called me just now to chat ^^ It's such a wonderful day because I miss them like crazy ='( Wait. How come by far all also guys? The only girl who called me was Florence!!!!

The rest hilang ke mana dah???

*Let me go and emo first...*

Not to forget...

Happy Birthday to Mark!
May you stay handsome like now and getting smarter and wiser each year :D

Now I will no longer put any hope on obtaining a PR or getting a job here in Aus because the possibility is close to nil wtf. There's no other way to stay back here no matter what I do so I guess I should just prepare to go back to my friends and family in Malaysia. To be optimistic, at least I'm back to the people who love me for who I am, get to hang out with all my heng tais and chee muis, meet my baby girl Clarisse, work in a country where I believe I'll do better than in Aus (I think), get to drive and etc.

But on the f*ck side, I might stand a chance to see people who I'm not really looking forward to see because he/she prolly screw the friendship between us by doing childish things such as spreading rumors, backstabbing and etc. He/She just refused to leave me alone so I have no idea what his/her problem is. He/She chose to believe rumours instead of asking me about it because of the lack of courage. But come to think of it, everything always come from the same person so I guess I should just ignore :) Don't worry friend. As long as I still claim you as my 'friend' (eventhough you might not because you are a terrible person like that), I won't hold grudge against you because what goes around comes around.

I still want to live a happy life in years to come. So may all the bad karma goes to you, not me. Thank you very much.

Forgive but never forget. I'm a person like that. I hope you won't come and ask any favor from me in near future because people like you should stick to your own clique forever - people who share the same shitty characteristics like you do.

Call me naive, but I still believe in doing what I could in repairing things now because I believe that it's just misunderstanding that happens all these long but with a devil in disguise around, I guess it's just a waste of my time. People at times are stupid enough to believe rumours instead.

At times when you look back at those old photos that we all took together, don't you miss the good 'ol times that we used to have? How close we all used to be? Now, look at what have you done to the people around you.

Are you happy now? Are you satisfied?

Enough of talking. Back to my TVB drama now :p
Toodles people~!

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