Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Kids Advertising

First and foremost, I must thank one of my reader, Poh Meng, for making my day a wonderful one today. What is it about I can't really tell but really dude, thanks a million!!!! ^^ You really kept your promise and deliver!!! You are the best!

I have assignment going on so I can't edit photos to blog but anyhow, this email from Irene is super cute and it makes me go 'awwwwww' at each photo I scroll down to. Thanks darling ;) You all really know what kind of emails I like to receive! Lol~!

Here are some of the kids advertising photos!

Coca Cola. This boy is soooo cute!

He makes me wanna pinch him in the cheek :p

Ronald McDonald.

Various ads.

Green tea ad.
I can't see his eyes...

Try to guess who he looks like!

Answer: Shin Chan! Soooooo cute and stone his face!

This Michelin baby's photo is almost everywhere over the net. So I bet most of you have seen this before.

But what about him?

Grown up Michelin boy -_-

Reminds me of my brother. Just that he's not THAT fat.

I call arms and legs like that as lotus root! Go and look at the raw lotus root and you'll get what I mean :)

Finally, here's my favourite one of all...

SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nike ads are always good! Their advertising team are all genius!! Look at the hair man! They even styled it sharp like the swoosh. Lol!!!

Alright. I wanna go and bath! Have a wonderful day ahead~! :)

p/s - By the way I just survived another last minute assignment (done on the night before submission again) yesterday (Wed). The marks aren't great but it isn't bad either. I mean, seriously how can I complain judging on the amount of effort I put in for all of my assignments right? I will get whack by people later.... But I'm feeling darn contented already! Thank you!!!!!

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