Wednesday, May 06, 2009


There are 2 things that I did wrongly for the past 2 weeks.

The first thing was, I shouldn't have told him that I'm interested to get to know a guy here in Australia. Personally, I just thought of being honest with him and since I'm just interested in getting to know and not even liking that person, I find it perfectly okay to let him know.

Secondly, I forgot about his birthday. Totally.

Now we both still keep in touch but things doesn't seems to be the same anymore. He treats me differently now! I don't know it was because of the things that I told him or the latter but either way, I damn terasa okay!!! FML.

I know you are unhappy and disappointed. But I didn't even say that I like that guy! Right now, I'm not used to the way you treat me differently. Really not used to it. Can we just stick to the status quo?

We are still good friend, no? :)

Happy Belated Birthday to you dear!

p/s - The word 'dear' brings no other meaning since I call almost everyone my dear! Lol...

Kanasai Arsenal lost to Manchester United in this morning's match wtf!!!

The score for those who didn't watch the game:

Arsenal - 1; Man U - 3

So I'm currently damn emo now because Arsenal freaking lost to MU again! The best part was I even woke up at 5+ this morning just to catch this game. And it's SO cold in the morning!

In conclusion, I forced myself to wake up early in the cold morning to watch Arsenal got trashed by MU wtf. I even skipped the tutorial class at 10am because I couldn't wake up on time to go to class -_-

Timmy and Sim even asked if I watched the match or not and said that it was a good match wtf. It will be a GOOD game if Arsenal wins okay? Or unless I'm a Man U fan.

Super emo.

I need comfort food!

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