Sunday, May 24, 2009

I actually planned to update today but I just came back not long ago and I'm dead tired :( My brain can't function anymore because of 2 group discussions today. My brain needs rest wtf. Therefore, expect long updates in my next entry ;)

Today I was trying to figure out a couple of things that amuse me but I could never figure it out.

Why do some people talk so much? Won't they run out of topic to talk about?

How can some people who seems quiet and soft spoken can actually be so freaking loud?

Why do some girls behave differently in front of guys and girls? Why can't it be the same for all?

Why do some girls want to flirt? Do guys really like girls who are flirtatious?


Now you roughly know what I'm thinking about other than assignments/presentations. It's interesting to study human behaviour seriously! How I wish people can enlighten or answer all my questions above.

To be honest, I used to be a person who talks a lot. Reason is not because I really like to talk but merely because I dislike awkward silent moments. So I would rather talk than to have those moments. If given a choice, I would rather hang out with people who would do all the talking for me wtf.

However, I guess there is such thing as people do change. My friends actually did commented that I talk lesser now as compared to last time. Reason? I don't give a damn and I don't want to live my life pleasing people anymore. I prefer to listen than to talk now. What's worse is when I'm trying to say something halfway and people just cut in, I totally lost the interest to talk already. Ya ya... if you like to talk so much and don't even want to give people a chance to talk, then you shall do all the talking thank you very much =_=''''

Damn it's 3.25am already but I still have so much to say! Next time then ;)

Good night you wonderful people!

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