Saturday, May 09, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

(This is a scheduled post)

Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful, pretty and amazing mums in the world!

Every year my family will make an effort of celebrating special days like birthdays, Mother's/Father's Day, etc by going out for a simple dinner or getting our favourite cakes from SR.

But now I have to stay up till 2am to call back to Malaysia to wish my mum T______T

Mum... This year I may not able to be at home to celebrate but may my force be with you wtf!

I went for shopping yesterday with Xu and she bought SO many things! Including the cake above~! She said that since we are soon-to-be-mothers in future, we should cut the cake to celebrate too. Lol. So we'll be having the 'cake cutting ceremony' at 12am.

Shopping! Talk about shopping, how can I not share with you all what I bought yesterday right?

My purchases~!

Got Chinese New Year feel or not? :p

Maybelline currently having sales (20% off) on all the eyes range. So I bought this eye shadow because I don't have this colour of eye shadows :) Now considering whether to get the green eye shadow or not.

I was soooo tempted to buy mascara but when I thought of the amount of mascaras I have with me now, I managed to convince myself not to buy it at the moment. Will take photos of the mascaras that I have next time to share. Lol.

Heat protective spray.

Bought it because I'm beginning to style my hair lately. So I need to sayang my hair for a bit :)

Next, I bought 2 simple tops to prepare myself for autumn/winter!

This top is really nice!

Just look at the material! Love it~!

3/4 sleeve top for the not-so-cold days.

The material is slightly thinner so it's perfect for autumn! Love the colour ^^

This is what I bought last week but decided to put it together because of the mitchy-matchy colour.

I bought this umbrella last week simply because it's in red.

I was really happy because I have been searching high and low for a nice red umbrella for a long time and I finally found it at a discounted price! It's only $5!!! Ah darn happy until cannot sleep!

My life is back to the usual boring and filled with tonnes of assignments and presentations mundane life. No more happening outings/events to attend where I can blog about it with 97216583418705254063 photos to suck most of your quota.

Perhaps the only interesting thing that happened lately is where I'm trying out some new cooking recipes on my own and I'm proud to say that my maggi goreng tasted pretty good. Lol!

Not the mamak style of maggi goreng. It's Jaclyn's style of maggi goreng ;)

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