Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Food tastes better when you put in more effort

Just checked my assignment marks and I'm safe again!!! Lol... Not too bad for my last minute work as the marks are pretty satisfying :D Thank you and now I can sleep in peace already~!

I stumbled upon this fail site and it's a really entertaining site!

Go visit and have a good laugh when you need a break from work :)
Here are a few of my fav! (I just read 3 pages because I went back to watch my drama. Lol...)



LOL!!!!! My favourite of all! What a way to sweep the street!!!! So funny~!

Yesterday was a night to remember. For months I've promised my housemates that we should go for pizza at least once in Taringa before I go back to Malaysia but we always met with obstacles and ended up dining at somewhere else/canceled the plan instead.

Although it rained cats and dogs yesterday but nothing stops us (Terence, Suann, Xu, YHui and I) from taking a bus all the way to Taringa for Domino's! NOTHING! So all of us held an umbrella each and marched over to the nearest bus stop. And I officially used my hot red umbrella yesterday ^^

Upon arrival at Domino's (seems like I was the only one who know where Domino's is. Otherwise all will get lost in Taringa! Lol~!) we were disappointed that they don't have tables and chairs outside for people to dine. Only for takeaways. Unlike takeaways in Malaysia where there are tables and chairs for diners who decided to eat there instead.

What's worse, there are 7518957185972398573 people who came to buy pizzas and we have to wait for quite some time for our turn. When our turn came, the girls realised that the supposingly large pizzas here are pretty small. And that cashier dude mixed up our order where he gave us a bottle of Coke but missed out on our Lava Cake and Garlic bread order. Since there were 5 of us, 2 large pizzas are definitely not enough to feed us so the girls went back in to buy another large pizza and 2 lava cakes+garlic bread.

Initially we even decided to just feast at any bus stop but gave up the idea in the end because the pizzas were cold already. So we ended up going back to our house to heat it up with our conventional oven ^^


After all that we've been through, the pizzas tasted 100000000 times better wtf. We braved the rain for pizzas!!!

Not-so-great garlic bread :|

Advertise for Domino's some more.



In our opinion, all of us actually expected better but it wasn't up to our expectation. They should be more generous with the cheese instead.

As for dessert, we had...

Choc Lava Cake!!!

I had always wanted to try Domino's Lava Cake and finally my wish came true! T___T

Isn't the photo tempting??? I think I can do advertorial for Domino's already!

The fabulous people! We don't need a big group of people to spell the word F-U-N!

The night was filled with laughters with all the silly things that we talked about. For instance, Yung Hui asked what is the foul word(s) that we use often. I use the word "ma lou" often in daily conversation while "wtf" in blogging world. Reason is because I can't say wtf so often when I talk to people so what I can do is to use it in blogging instead. That's why you can't judge people from the way they blog ;)

Terence's way of cursing is so funny! His fav is "Hehehe... sohai!"

Very very funny!!!! Imagine him saying it in a joking manner and his eyes were do small until you can only see 2 lines there. You must ask him to say it to you the next time you see him!

I forgot what foul word the other girls always use because my brain was pretty occupied yesterday so my apology :p

We did chat about many things that night but somehow I couldn't recall them now wtf (see! I use wtf a lot in blogging rather than I speak in real life! Lol). I guess I think too much yesterday about my work because I have SO MANY assignments and presentations coming up T_T

But I blog to release stress and to rest for a bit. As usual, I don't start till the very last minute. Sigh. I have 2 presentations and 1 assignment next week :( Very important presentations some more! Have to wear formal again and be very professional.


(It has been raining non-stop since yesterday night till just now (rain just stopped)!!! My shoes, jeans, socks and jacket were soaking wet because the rain was so heavy! Now the weather felts like winter -_- I hope it won't rain again later! Very irritating!!!)

It's not even 10pm but I'm sleepy already -_-

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