Thursday, May 07, 2009

Fact About Yian IV

The last fact that I ever wrote about myself was dated back in October last year!

Truth be told, I totally forgot that I once wrote entries like that before wtf.

Lately, I have been doing a lot of thinking. As in very random sort of thinking. It was then this long forgotten memories came back to me out of a sudden.

I used to like a Malay boy back in primary school!!!!

He was a really, really nice and humorous guy and it's very comfortable to be around him. Not to mention that he's smart too and he even taught me how to play Pro-yo back then. Don't get me wrong. My Pro-yo skills was good but he's even better! :)

And he sounded very cute when he tries to speak Cantonese :p

Well, all in all, I guess everything is possible in my dictionary! I never like very good looking guys nor super rich dudes. I guess I'm just not materialistic enough wtf.

What a girl need is a guy who loves her for who she is. Who disagree with me?

p/s - Die. I hope my primary school friends who read this won't come and interrogate me! =.=

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