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Buddha Festival Revisited

Remember the Buddha festival that I blogged about on Friday and I said that I'll be going there again on Sunday?

We really did! On top of that, many of my friends went together with us! This is what we call 'the more the merrier' :p

Ok the fact is that my housemates and I kinda persuade the guys during the steamboat dinner to go there with us! Lol!!!

As usual, I went to uni in the morning to catch the basketball game and I was surprised to see quite a few new faces there. They are pretty good however, they only stick within their own group and didn't want to group with others.

When it was time to leave, I left quietly because the guys were busy playing basketball and didn't want to bother them. However, as I was pretty far away, the whole bunch of them screamed out "Bye Jaclyn!!!!" very loudly =.='''

Thank you. Now most people know who Jaclyn is already. Shy wei!!!!

By evening, my housemates and I went to the Buddhist festival at Southbank pretty late (don't want to tell the reason why) and our friends already had their dinner T_T They didn't wait for us wtf! However, to make up for it, Andy, Phan and Terence accompanied us (housemates and I) to buy our food :)

The first thing we did before buying our food was bathing the Buddha! Here, let kakak show you how it's done.

First of all, make a donation (Optional. But don't be so kiamsiap and just donate dammit).

Secondly, camwhore first. Because this is our first time ever bathing a Buddha!

Xu is a pro in this already! So she taught us how it's done.

Somehow I think Xu and Andy will make quite a cute couple :p

Okay too bad Xu is not available in the market anymore! TOO BAD GUYS!!!!

See! I told you that Xu wears like it's summer every-freaking-day!!! I super duper salute her. Seriously.

I heart my new shorts that I bought from DFO! ^^

Thirdly, pour the water over the Buddha's shoulder 3 times.

Read: Pour over the shoulder. Don't be like Jeremy where he poured it over the Buddha's head -__________- That's wrong!

And lastly, pray to the Buddha. As usual, I always pray for my family's health :) Nothing is more important than health isn't it?

When they are healthy, I'm happy. I hope to receive no more shitty news from Malaysia like how I did last year. I still can't talk about it though. Maybe I need longer time to accept the reality...

But I know now is not the time... yet.

Artistic or not? I think this photo taken is really pretty! (I squat down to take this pic okay!!!)

Not long later, the fireworks started. Timmy did called earlier to ask us to join them by the Brisbane river to watch the fireworks but it was too late for us to rush over.

So we rushed to the nearest field to watch instead.

So many 'sperms' in the sky. Lol!

I guess 3 photos of fireworks are suffice because I have many other photos to post up so I'm trying to save some internet quota for you wtf.

Fireworks in Australia are not as beautiful as Malaysia's but the duration is definitely longer. For instance, this fireworks lasted for about 15mins! Thanks for contributing to the polution you people!!!

Met Blacky, Wei Lit, Ron and friends but didn't take any pic of the rest of them.

Blacky wears like it's winter =.=

The place was CRAZILY packed with people!!! We can barely walk without rubbing shoulders with other people. But it was during event like this we are able to bumped into many other friends from different major whom we hardly get to see them on normal days other than clubbing.

Met damn many friends such as the usual clubbing kakis, the basketball guys, the shopping girls and etc! It was such an enjoyable night~!

I think this stall was the most laku (popular) for the night.

They sell a kind of snack where they called it as Chinese pancake in many different flavours.

I bought 2 flavours which are custard and red beans ($1 each). It was awesome!!!

I also bought this roll for $2.50. I treated Andy too!

Hah! Don't say why mama never buy you food okay??? :p

Ladies and gentlemen, those were the only food I bought that night wtf. Despite selling a variety of food and snacks there, I, somehow, don't feel like eating them I don't know why. Maybe it has already passed my usual dinner time or maybe it's because of the chips that I had earlier :|

Me with 2 darlings - Amanda and Lienne. Oh, darling Su-ann is in the picha too! Lol.

I like Lienne's hair!!! Look at my f*cked up hair lah!!! I also don't want to say anything already other than waiting to go back to Malaysia to get it perm again T_____T

On the other hand, I don't want to go back to Malaysia!!! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you girls for complimenting my room is nice on Saturday :p I forgot to thank you both in my earlier entry so I'm making up for it here.

I know you like how my room is so colour coordinated! XD

Xu was so disappointed with the kuih ketayap that she bought. Instead of the usual santan filling that we can get in Malaysia, this one was kacang filling.

Penny, Jay Yi and Jaclyn.

Hardly get to see them so must take pic together! ^^

That night Jay Yi asked me the cutest question ever!!!

Jay: Eh!! How come... how come you look so different 1?
Me: Lol! Because I'm having make up on!
Jay: No lah!!! Not about the make up. You look very different leh! How come you became prettier 1?

I don't know how to answer her question! She's soooooo cute!!!

Alright Jay. I have no idea why I looked different according to you. I'm just pretty stressed out lately. Perhaps it's the stress? So I should stress more!!! XD

But thanks a lot darling! Somehow I'm a person who look different with and without make up =.=

Jay - Amanda - Lienne - Me.

How come I can't get frinch like them? T____T

I got to know ALL of them here in Australia!

Seriously, I made quite a number of friends in Australia! :) I'm feeling contented.

Us chilling at the grass field because Andy was feeling tired from limping for the whole night :p

After chilling for some time, we decided to join the rest of the guys at the casino!

Us waiting for the Citycat (ferry) and Andy got blinded by the flash. Lol!!!

Much better!

To suit the occasion, Xu wore her Chinese top while I wore my Guan Yin necklace :)

That's a new top that I bought on Friday! Hehehe... I love simple, long and plain top like this so that I can pair it with anything I like ^^

2 besties.

Thorn among the roses.

In order to make me happy, Andy decided to let me look taller than him for once in photo wtf.

That is why I want to grow taller!!! Just another 2 more cm also don't want to gimme! *sob*

We arrived in front of the casino and bumped into Ee Lian! Gosh!!! It was so hard to see her around man. So I spent some time to chat and catch up with her! It's always nice to chat with her because both of us will never run out of topic to chat.

Ee Lian is by far, the nicest and sweetest girl I ever got to know. If I'm a guy, I would have gone after her.

Jeremy - Ee Lian - Xu - Su-ann - Mashimaro (he don't want me to call him Shin Chan T_T) - Chong - Phan - Karen - Winnie.

This photo was chosen because my legs looked slim and long can or not? Look at Chong! Act cute some more~!

After spending quite some time in front of the casino chatting, we (Terence, Phan, Chong, Suann, Xu, Karen, Winnie and I) decided to go for a drink at Pig & Whistle because it was still early to go home. On the way there, Xu decided to piggyback Suann and made Mashimaro holds their handbags.

I love this photo a lot! It's because Xu and Suann looked very lovey-dovey while Mashimaro looked very 'manly' in this photo.

Here here.... let's see Mashimaro with handbags again!

He's damn proud okay?

I bet he'll look good holding his gf's handbag in future :p

At Pig & Whistle, Terence and Phan treated us these!

Freaking awesome fries topped with ham, cheese and ketchup. Damn I'm craving for that now :(


...and 2 jugs of Bulmers!

Reason for treating us - both of them won big bucks from the casino!

Thanks guys for the treat ^^

On the way home, I dropped by at the casino to use the toilet but the security kinda hesitated whether to let me in or not because he thinks that I looked different from my 18+ card! The photo was taken last year only lor omg.

All in all, it was such a great and fun night~! Let's hang out more often ;) I'm only left with a few months here in Australia! HATE TO ACCEPT THIS FACT THOUGH!!!!

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