Sunday, May 24, 2009

Beastie Burgers, Southbank

Australians here are really interesting.

The culture over here is wayyyy different from our culture back home. When you are walking on the street and if you see a group of guys walking towards your direction, be prepared to High 5 with them because most of the time, they would reach out their hands to you. Otherwise, they would just shake hands with you instead.

Isn't it interesting?

Interesting is because this is something that can't be done in Malaysia! If a group of peeps walking towards my direction and wanted a High 5, I would just give them cock stare and walk away.

Or maybe I might think that they have bad intention wtf. Yes, this is the 21 years of Malaysian mentality I have of my home country. Damn sad.

Another interesting thing that amused me was how health conscious the people here are. They jog a lot. Even if it's raining cats and dogs. That's how hardcore they are. For instance, it rained really heavily on last Wednesday, caused me to skip my lecture in the late evening because my bags, jeans, socks, shoes and jacket were soaking wet. That's how heavy the rain was.

But on my way home, I still saw people jogging!!! Under the freaking rain! There's this lady who even puts on her raincoat to jog wtf. This is something that we could never emulate sadly to say. On rainy days I would prefer to cuddle under my blanket to online wtf. That's how sad and boring my life is.

HOWEVER, I guess I'm beginning to adapt to the Australian culture. Yesterday morning was a sunny day so after I dried my clothes outside (I rewashed it for the second time thanks to the damn rain!), Xu ajak-ed me to our favourite bakery to buy some pastries. We were happily choosing what to buy and spent a good 5 minutes there before realising that it was raining! It rained when the sun is still out wtf!!! We didn't even bring out umbrella along with us.

So what we did was, we jogged home T_T

No. We even went a step further. We jogged with a bag of pastries in our hands wtf!!! Don't worry mum, I am adapting very well with the culture here. In fact, we are so kiasu until we jogged with pastries in our hands instead of raincoat. I have no idea why God is doing this to me T____T

And my clothes are soaking wet again T_T

I bought 2 pastries which were the one above and blueberry pie or something. The pic above was the crushed version of Dark Chocolate Cheese Tart because of our infamous jog under the rain. The blueberry pie wasn't taken because it has already ended in my stomach before I could remember to snap a photo of it.

After my lunch, Su-ann and I hopped over to Manors for group discussions. Timmy and I have 2 discussions on that day so we both were really dead tired (or maybe it was me only -_-). The discussions lasted more than 3 hours with the first session of Event assignment (Tim, Suann and I) and then followed by the Selling presentation (Tim, Sim and I).

I actually insisted to end the discussions by 7pm because I was already famished and I have to rush for our dinner so that we can make it on time for our 9.20pm movie. Sorry guys :( I'm such a bad member because my brain can't function when I'm hungry and you all don't feed me! Lol!!!!

After purchasing our tickets, we had our dinner at Beastie Burgers - a place where Xu had always wanted to try.

It was later only we realised that Andy has been having 3 meals of burger straight! Lol!!! You should have told us earlier so that we can change venue! Don't be shy.


Time to introduce all the handsome and pretty people who came yesterday night.

Bff Xu and Su-ann.

The wife - Terence. The ex and 'secretly' current - Phan.

Mother - Jaclyn and son - Andy. Also, the husband of the 2 wives above.

I have bad hair day and bad skin day yesterday T_T Combo some more. Look at the huge pimple on my cheek! *sob*

Phan and Terence were so generous. They ordered fried onions and wedges for us to share ^^


Andy's. Beef.

Mine. Chicken.

Phan's. Beef.

Terence's. Beef.

Su-ann's. Beef.

Xu's. Pork.

The burgers were pretty good except for Andy's I guess. Or perhaps it tasted good because all of us were famished I don't know. But do give it a try if you are a big eater ;) It's pretty HUGE!

The movie we watched yesterday - Angels and Demons.

If you ask for my opinion. I think the movie was quite alright. It's very deep. Not a good choice if your brain is tired like me yesterday because you need to concentrate a lot and have to think. But overall, not too bad :)

The lucky thing was Phan and I got good seats for ourselves behind while the rest got the first corner row! All of us have no choice but to be seated separately (it's free seating in Southbank's cinema) so I was seated next to a good looking angmoh and an average looking Chinese boy. Phan was the best. He was seated next to a couple and they kept smooching before the movie starts.

Please imagine how awkward Phan felt! I was seated behind Phan so I kept laughing non-stop. I think I freaked the 2 guys out who sat beside me :p

After movie we went to Pig & Whistle again for a drink while waiting for the 1.16am night link. While waiting for our bus, we bumped into Kwok Thye (I have no idea how to spell his name sorry! T_T), the sweet sweet Jay Yi and the funny guy Ron.

This is how small Brisbane is.

One of my greatest purchase of all time is this!

Optrex eye wash. This is the only eye wash I managed to find in pharmacy -_-

It's awesome! Each time I wear my contacts for long hours or my eyes are feeling tired, I rinse with this and it refreshes my eyes instantly! Contact lens users should consider purchasing this :) It's roughly around $8-$9 if I'm not mistaken.

This is how it works.

No pic of me using it because I don't want to look like an idiot. Lol....

p/s - Sorry for not going to GC with you girls yesterday! I have too many work commitments and coincidentally I have groups discussions yesterday too T_T But but but... next time alright? Next time I'll be there for sure. ^^

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