Friday, April 24, 2009

You know, I don't know how to put this in words without getting people to criticise me saying that I'm discriminating but this is something very subjective.

Seriously, I don't mind younger boys but come on! 4 years is a HUGE difference okay? My younger brother is 4 years younger than me so if I were to accept you, doesn't it seems like I'm dating my little brother wtf???

The most I can accept (though I try not to because I like mature man - as in thinking wise) is 1 year younger so little boy, give up. Each time I see you back then, I couldn't help but to think that you are just like my brother. And wasting your time waiting for me is just not worth it.

I thought you have already given up after I've left Malaysia but I certainly did not expect you to tell me that you are still waiting. Like, wait for what???

I don't understand why people like to waste their time in waiting? IT guy is waiting. Law guy is waiting. Sales guy is waiting. Accounting and Marketing guys are waiting. And now you little boy are telling me the same shit.

I dislike being made like a bad person so I hope when time comes, everything will just died down. I don't think my life could be so interesting because God still wants to throw in more obstacles for me to grow up like how he did since last year till today.

But anyhow, thank you :)
You are at least sweeter than most of the guys that I know ;)

p/s - I bet my younger brother will be damn grossed out when he reads this. Don't worry, I won't date guys of your age wtf. But I don't guarantee that in future I might. Lol!