Sunday, April 12, 2009


I have a list of upcoming trips when I go back to Malaysia in July/August but I'm so broke because I didn't earn enough during the 1 month of work in January to cover my travel expenses T_T

Trips with friends.

Trip with cousin.

Trip with ex-colleagues (from the company that I worked for 2 years back).

I think I need to set up a Jaclyn Foundation now. To top it off, my darling Yin even forwarded me an email to warn me about Redang Island being unsafe. Coincidentally, Redang is one of the destination of my trips in July/August -_-

Damn you! T_T

Those who wanted to go for trips with friends, feel free to call me anytime!!! I promise that I'll try to make it for all the trips :) I'll be taking a month off before looking for a job wtf.

Hey I want road trip please. Makan trip. Anything as long as you feed me!!!

Longma and Meng Fai... Makan trip okay because we didn't get to go to Melacca together last time :p Don't pretend that you didn't read this! Lol...

Happy 22nd Birthday Jordan :)

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