Saturday, April 04, 2009

What A Beautiful Life

Gastric has been visiting me often lately :(

I guess it's all because of me skipping meal most of the time. Take yesterday for example. I was so tired and I spent the whole night surfing the net and chatting with my friends. Then suddenly I felt hungry. Turns out that I actually forgot to have my dinner -_-

My dinner was at 12.35am wtf. Andy was like, "That's supper! U mixed your dinner and supper together!!" Yes son. I'm a lazy mama. And forgetful too T__T

But I had wonderful dinner ^^

Grilled chicken wings with honey soy, ham and chicken pasta from uni, 2 champignon mushrooms. (No, the chicken wings aren't burnt. It's the sauce.)

I know it seems weird to have 2 mushrooms there. Well, that was actually the leftover mushroom chicken that I cooked the night before (wait, maybe 2 nights before. I can't remember). Thinking that the mushroom chicken (chinese dish) doesn't go well with my grilled chicken (western dish), I threw the 5 chicken strips away. LOL. I don't feel like eating them anyway.

By the way mum, my chicken mushroom dish was a success!!!! ^^

It tastes almost the same as grandma's. I think my cooking skills have just leveled up!

Brothers and dad, when I'm home, you all die already. I'm going to force you all to taste my cooking skills everyday. *evil laughter*)

Besides, what is a meal without ice lemon tea?

I am soooo obsessed with Nestea/Lipton ice tea lately. I need my daily dosage of ice tea so much to the extend of buying bottles and bottles of ice tea from the supermarket or restaurants almost every week.

Instead of buying biscuits and chips, I used the money to buy ice tea =.=''' I've tried all the flavours available in the market too! Gonna take pics to show you all next time. If you all are kind enough to buy/supply me ice tea drinks daily, please feel free to do so. I'll be more than happy to receive it.

Regarding my 45mins of presentation yesterday, everything went well, insya-allah. Maybe except for the part where my partner, Daryl, exceed the time for his parts and I was left without a choice but to rush through my parts. At the end of the day, my tutor commented that Daryl shouldn't have spent so much time talking about his parts because mine was more important -_-


But overall, my tutor kept saying that he likes our presentation a lot and we did very well for it :) He said that we included the points that he didn't even think of! And we did our research well. THANKS TO WHO??? WHO IS THE ONE WHO CAME OUT WITH ALL THE CREATIVE IDEAS AND WHO DID ALL THE RESEARCH OVER THE NET??? *points at own self*

(Daryl said that he's not creative at all so I have to come out with all the ideas and strategies myself T_T Thank goodness I'm versatile and not as kayu as him XD)

BUT, at least our 2 weeks of hard work pays off in the end :)

I wore long sleeve shirt to uni (formal wear) and I perspired so much! It was so freaking hot yesterday despite being cloudy most of the time!!! Thank goodness I tied my hair up in a bun but that made me looked like a tutor 3 years older wtf.

I think I still have another 4-5 presentations to do. Oh God. The thought of me having to wear formal wear again made me wanna cry.

Camwhored yesterday night and realised that I'm so much darker now!!!

Look at my left arm. How contrast the colour is -_____-
And my neck is so dark compared to my shoulder! Lol...

I bet when my parents see me in July/August, they won't be happy because they think that girls should be fair to look pretty. But I'm not exactly the type who cares a lot about being fair or not. I don't even bother applying sunblock during the summer because I really think that it's no big deal by being fair or tan :p

Whether I'm fair or tan, I'm still... me. Wahahahaha... How corny~!

p/s -Did you realised that I have double eyelids in the photo above? Kakakaka... The wonders of make up! :p

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