Saturday, April 25, 2009

The vast difference between 2 hardworking students... based on the notes they make before their examinations.

Guess which is mine?

Alright if you know me well, it's not hard to guess that the super clean notes on the right is mine wtf. Take a look at Su-ann's notes! So complete and tidy!!!

I'm ashamed. Huhuhu...

Sorry for procrastinating Sharon's birthday+drinking party. I'm actually reconsidering whether to post up or not because after looking through the photos, I realised that I looked a bit crazy and not-the-usual-me that you all always see. So in order not to spoil my clean&clear image, I'm reconsidering now wtf!!!

(Okay, maybe I don't have a clean&clear image to begin with but I still wanna reconsider I don't care!!!)

In fact, I don't understand why I was so hyped up that night considering that I didn't get drunk because I took care of my drunk friends. I guess it must be the company that I had. They are all so crazy :) I got influenced so easily.Cis.

It's bad when you don't get drunk easily because you'll keep drinking more than others do.

The reason why I post the photo above is because, again, I have no freaking idea why my frinch looked like coconut-inspired hair lor!!!! Trust me, it doesn't look like the above in real life. Otherwise I would rather wear a cap instead -_-

Alright I might write about it next time otherwise it's unfair that I don't blog about Sharon's birthday for my Malaysian friends to read since she can't celebrate her birthday back in Malaysia :)

Wait till my mood comes!
Have a wonderful weekend peeps~!

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