Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Son, you have a daddy now!

I have just found my son a daddy ^^

YES! That officially means that I'm happily attached!!! Woohoo~~

I'm such a happy girl right now. I hope that I'll be a good gf and you know that I'm loyal right? Hope we both will last for as long as we could :)

Alright I think this is possibly the worst April's Fool joke ever -______-

It's like, who the hell give a damn whether I'm attached or not. Moreover, I really don't think anyone will believe that I will date someone now :p Did anyone of you fall for it?

Read my April's Fool entry for last year.

Sorry peeps. I am, indeed, very bored that no one actually play a prank on me wtf. So I turned to my readers instead LOL!!!!!!!! Don't boycott my blog please T_____T

On another note...

I want to do a photoshoot!!!! I wanted to take a nicer pic for my header but my camera+skills suck so badly. Seriously I was approached a few times before by my friend and friend's friends to be their model for photoshoot -_-'''

I won't get paid (since I'm not professional. In fact, 0 knowledge in it some more) but I get to keep the photos and they get to brush their skills. But I turned all down because I have no confidence with everything in me. LOL~

But still, I want to a nicer photo for my header.... T_T

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