Friday, April 17, 2009

Shopaholic Within Us

Since all of us were in shopping mood, we headed over to the DFO on Wednesday (the day after shopping in Garden City) to spend more money.

Okay the fact is that I've already planned the DFO outing since last week with Lienne :p

There we are at Toombul!

There was a funny story that happened when the photo above was taken! It involves the guy at the top left corner. Lol... Sorry dude. But you are popular among us at least XD

For this shopping trip, we went with another group of friends instead ^^ I mean, that's the whole point of studying in overseas isn't it? You can't just stick to the same group of friends all the time, right?

Su Ann, Yung Hui, Xu, Amanda, Boon Kee, Mei, Castine and Lienne.

All of them are such a darlings! I can't believe that I can actually click so well with them to be honest :p We can just talk and tease like we've known each other for a long time. That's really sweet I must say :)

Die die also must show my face although I've lost interest in taking photos lately.

If you may notice, I'm putting up lesser and lesser photos as compared to last time because I'm so lazy to take pic lately -_-''' I realised that I'm no longer photogenic or looking good in photos as compared to back then. So taking photos with me inside just reminds me that I need to zhng my face wtf.

Back to my topic sorry.

Upon arrival at the entrance, I bumped into a guy friend and he's with his friends. Though I have never really talked a lot to him before, but I kinda asked him for a favor :p

We exchanged 'Hi' and smiles with each other and I immediately waved at him to come over. He seemed curious and excited but ended up with the wtf face because I asked him to.....

take a group photo for us. Lol.

Sorry dude :p More conversations with you in future ok?

We girls parted our own ways to shop because it's really difficult to go to each shops together. So we promised to meet up by 3pm at the food court whether we are done with our shoppings or not.

My lunch for that day. Sibeh expensive - $5 for 2 rolls of sushi. Nabeh uni is selling a roll for $2.50 lor wtf!!! Lol. Of course I was just joking and wasn't angry one bit because it was freaking delicious! Yum~!

While I was having my lunch, I saw my darling Hui Yee too!! Darling we both really have fate with each other don't we? XD Oh, and I saw May Yoong and friends too! What a small world!

SEE! Brisbane is such a small place!!!! Or perhaps everyone decided to go to DFO on Wednesday? But well, I'm happy to meet all my friends who doesn't show me cock face but if they do and since they are so insignificant, their actions no longer have any effect on me anymore! Lol!!!

I'm serious.

I think it's silly if I berkira so much with people who are sadly, still stucked with the high school kids' mentality and never seems to grow out of it -_- Because I knew that after all, this is who they are and what makes them... them :)

I accept them for who they are. But don't cross the line. You wouldn't like it if I got really angry and take actions. Though I've never taken any actions against friends because by far nobody has crossed the limit but you can be the first. Try me. And I guarantee will leave wonderful memories for the rest of you life! Lol!!!!

At the end of the day, we spent like 6 hours shopping and this is the end results....

Girls are all shopaholic. This is true.

Su Ann bought the most among us! Congrats!!! You are now crowned as the Shopping Queen!

Interested in knowing if I bought many stuff from there??? Take a guess!

Tadaa~! (I desperately want to re-perm my hair!!!)

I think if my parents see this, their high blood pressure will shoot up instantly.

Everyone looking dead tired on the way home.

And emo for spending so much money too.

All 4 of them were laughing when they know that I was trying to shoot them. Don't pretend to be shy!!!!! Lol.

Before I end this entry, I lied about the stuff that I bought above. I OBVIOUSLY didn't shop that much otherwise I have to live off without food for a month! In fact, for 2 days of shopping, I really spent very little.

First was obviously because I wanted to save as much money as possible and secondly, there isn't anything that fancy me that much and thirdly, I'm saving money to go to the beach! ^^

Here are the few things that I bought from Garden City and DFO.


I bought a new swim top not because I can't fit into my current 2-piece swimwear (which I bought back in Form 2) but because it was too flowerish and doesn't fit my age now wtf. And thankfully my current bottom swimsuit suits my newly bought top, so I saved money on that! ^^

Best thing of all is... this Aqua top cost me $12 only!!!!!!!! Serious shit! I am not lying!!!! How not to buy you tell me? But it's a size bigger and my *cough* part seems to be too loose -____-

I bought JLo's Luxe perfume which I have been eyeing on it for months but this time around I bought a smaller bottle so that I can finish it and buy new ones next time :p I also bought a super cheap home socks to prepare myself for winter for only 3 bucks. More shorts for my wardrobe and a belt for my super loose grey shorts.

The items that weren't included because it'll spoil the pic are my new bra and pantyliner! Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I know you all still wanna gamble.

See! I didn't spend that much money on shopping right? I think I have gotten rid of my shopaholic title *beam*

I hope this determination (in cutting down on spending) will last...

This is a scheduled post because I'm out again!!! I have been going out for 4 days straight! Who knows I might make it 5 or 6 days straight T_____T

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