Saturday, April 11, 2009

Madtongsan II And LavAzza Night

Yesterday was Good Friday so my housemates and I actually planned to have Domino's pizza as dinner since we were lazy to cook and I've been craving for their lava cake for like, forever!

But last minute we changed our plan after Andy invited us to join him for dinner in the city instead.

So we screwed our plan and headed to the city for Madtongsan II because we felt that eating hotpot on cold night (yesterday was pretty cold) is the best thing in the world wtf.

We've been there many times although not as often as we frequent to Wah but each time I'm there, I'll think of Rachel eventually. I miss her!!! How are you doing in Korea???

(Although the menu wrote that they open 7 days a week, it isn't. They close on every Monday)

So these are the people whom I went out with yesterday night.

Su Ann and Xu Yen. Both their names rhymes.

Lienne and Amanda.

Andy and Terence.

Last but not least....

Your shy blogger.

We even bumped into another group of friends there! See!! Brisbane is such a small place T_T

Only managed to capture foods from my table. Lazy to take pic from Andy's table.

We then walked around the city at night and was trying to find a place for us to settle down for a drink but to no avail because we can't order beer alone without buying meals from those pubs. Reason given was because it's Good Friday -_-

All kids.

Kanasai I hate to say this but other than Andy and I, the rest of them are a year younger! I FEEL SO OLD wtf!!! On top of that, Andy himself looks like a kid so it turned out like I'm babysitting a bunch of old kids. Lol...

Both of them are supposed to be my housemates initially :p But Andy snatched them away wtf.

3 good friends.

3 housemates from Taringa.
(Notice: They all wore dark coloured clothes)

For more gaming sessions, please proceed to Taringa.

3 housemates from Macquarie St.
(Notice: We all wore colourful clothes)

For more crazy nights of laughter, screaming, stupid acts, etc, please proceed to Macquarie St. Oh, feel free to come too if you want to feel what 'youth' is like ^^

Damn I hate it when I looked like I hunch in photo(s).

However, Terence looked damn sesat yesterday night when we took housemates photos because he stays in student accommodation. But there's this one fella that he has always dreamt of sharing a ROOM together with.

That person is none other than Andy.

Andy, this is what people call Dick Magnet instead of Chick Magnet! You are a Dick magnet!!! Lol~

To further describe that Brisbane is a small place, we bumped into YHui, Mark and May too!!! What a small world eh? You guys had a wonderful night? :)

Kids in front of the Ferrero Rocher lookalike ball -_-

Since we couldn't find any pub for beer, we decided to have coffee instead. So we went to LavAzza in Southbank for coffee~

There's always a bunch of people dancing in the city and Southbank on every Friday nights and we really enjoyed ourselves by watching them dance while sipping on our coffee ^^

Shake shake shake!

Great dinner, great drinks, great performances and most importantly, great company. What more can we ask for?

I just realised that Terence was a born joker and I was practically laughing at him for the whole night instead of laughing at Xu.

He goes very well with Andy. That sounds so wrong wtf.

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