Thursday, April 16, 2009

Little things that you do,

Little actions that you take,

Little gestures that you make,

Little advises that you gave,

Though it may seems insignificant, but I truly appreciate all of it like how you cared for me during my lowest point of life. During that time, you let me know that there are many people out there who cared for me and that person includes you.

You let me know that it's alright to show that you care for a person without holding back. You proved to me what is the true meaning of patience and how willing you are to sacrifice for something that might not even turn out the way you want it to be. You understand that I like guys who are brave in pursuing and are direct instead of beating around the bush, and you brave yourself just to fit into my criteria.

Those little smses and messages that you sent to me whenever you miss me, it managed to surprise and put a smile on my face each time without fail. You are teaching me how to love. But will that person be you - it's questionable.

Nonetheless, the smses that you sent me this morning, it made me smiled :)
Thank you.