Thursday, April 09, 2009

I'm feeling really happy and satisfied today!

The happy me.

Besides the fact that I'm having a good hair day, I befriended with an ex-classmate from last semester when I was on my way to uni for some printing (I don't have class today by the way) and we chatted for almost half an hour!

I love making new friends. Especially when people come up to me and say hi ^^

Other than that, I'm adding more red items to my collection especially from my favourite Australian brand - Smiggle.

Random photo #15

Smiggle is something like Malaysia's Folio but the stuff in Smiggle is more colour coordinated, the price is pretty reasonable and the designs are really creative. And oh, they sell stationeries only. Not much of designer items like Folio that needs me to sell my backside to purchase them.

(The truth is I already have 1 pink zipper but I wanted a red one instead. And I also bought 2 jumbo clips earlier but I went and buy another 3 more for no reason -_-)

I love red.

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