Sunday, April 05, 2009

I found this rather interesting. Give it a try when you are free.

January- Gothic
February- Horny
March- Preppy
April- adorable
May- Stupid
June- Vain
July- Kissable
August- Beautiful
September- Talkative
October- Nerdy
November- Pretty
December- Popular

What day is your birthday?

1- Beauty Queen
2- Poser
3- Ninja
4- Actor/Actress
5- Fairy
6- Hottie
7- Mother
8- Crack-Trash
9- Dog
10- Candy Cane
11- Caution Freak
12- Angel
13- Irish Girl
14- Princess
15- Punk
16- Alcoholic
17- Teacher's Pet
18- Stoner
19- Pirate
20- Power-Ranger
21- sexy beast
22- Surfer
23- Piece of Pizza
24- Gay
25- Druggie
26- Drama Queen
27- Surgeon
28- Sex Maniac
29- Rockstar
30- Hooker
31- Care Bear

What color is your hair?

blonde=Who's sexually frustrated
brown=Who's great in bed
dirty blonde=Who is greatly frustrated
black=Who is talented
red=Who loves to ride emus
pink=who loves to make out.

So, that means that I'm a beautiful caution freak who is great in bed =.='''

Remember my horoscope review 2 years ago? I felt that it's pretty hilarious to laugh at it now!

I also tried palm reading and I think it's pretty accurate!!!! However I'm sleepy now and I doubt anyone would be interested since it's for fun.

Have a wonder day peeps~!

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